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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 26 Jul, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Celebrate The Return Of Game Of Thrones

Night gathers… and for Game of Thrones fans, our ‘watch’ has finally begun. Winter isn’t coming, but Game of Thrones Season 7 has arrived — and that’s reason enough for a party! If you aren’t feeling celebratory, perhaps you missed the OMG-inducing GoT Season 7 India premiere on Star World, Star World HD or Hotstar last week. If you did watch (and love) it, why not host a viewing party for the next episode; or a GoT-themed ‘Name Day’ bash? Whatever the occasion, if you are as obsessed with the epic drama series as we are, we can help you host the coolest Game of Thrones party this side of Westeros! Read on for inspiration…



Celebrate The Return Of Game Of Thrones

Of course it’s easier to send out an instant message invite to all your friends, but where’s the oomph in that? A scroll delivered via messenger-raven would be ideal, but since that’s unachievable for most mortals, we recommend printing GoT-style scrolls on paper that looks like it’s been sourced from the Seven Kingdoms. Hire your own maester (read: party planner) to get that GoT look, or do it yourself by tea-staining some handmade paper and burning the edges with a candle. If you can write out your invites in calligraphy, go forth and conquer; else use an Old English font and pre-print them. Roll up your invite, secure with a wax seal and hand-deliver on a black feather laden tray. Sure, it sounds like a lot of work (and it is), but if you want to party like a Lannister, you’ve got to go for gold!



Walk the line between lush and rustic when it comes to your house party décor. Fix a ‘Welcome to Westeros’ sign at the door. Drape your sofas with faux fur and hang up banners from Houses Lannister, Stark, Tully, Targaryen, Mormont, Greyjoy and Baratheon. Dress your table with pine cones and berries, before you lay out a profusion of fruit, cold cuts and meat. Bunches of grapes are so GoT, no? Don’t forget the dragon and the Iron Throne motifs that are the centrepiece of George R. R. Martin’s fantastic world. Three dragon eggs in a vintage trunk will do the trick nicely, while you can also put up ‘missing’ posters for the Stark kids’ pet direwolves. Add plenty of candles to amp up the ambience and play the iconic GoT soundtrack, along with other medieval tunes, to really set the mood. If you would like to add GoT-inspired games too, why not start by putting a picture of King Joffrey on a dart board? The offensive former ruler is as good a target as any!



Commission a pie from your local bakery, designed to look like the pigeon pie from Margaery Tyrell and King Joffrey’s wedding feast. Simpler ideas abound too, of course. From apple salad and wholesome stews to Sansa Stark’s favourite lemon cakes, the GoT books and the TV series are full of references to mouth-watering foods that you can use as inspiration. We absolutely adore the idea of adding funny food labels to the dishes on offer — imagine ‘Jon Snow Peas,’ ‘Rhaegar-lic Bread’ (a shout-out to Daenerys Targaryen’s eldest brother), an assortment of appetisers called ‘Littlefinger Foods’ and perhaps a meaty dish titled ‘The Boar That Killed King Robert’! ‘Honeyed Chicken’ is a GoT favourite that’s easy to achieve, but if you care to push the envelope, add ‘Dragon Egg Cookies’ to your bill of fare too. Several recipes are available online, should you consider a spot of baking.

For dessert, ‘Iron Bank Coins’ are an easy fix — just buy chocolate coins covered in gold foil, display them in a chest and add the Iron Bank label. ‘Dragon Scale Cake’ is another possibility that’s easy enough to custom-order, if you share a reference picture with your baker. Cake pops inspired by all those GoT decapitations are a brilliant idea too, though not everyone will have the stomach for them! Whatever you decide, if you take the trouble to turn out mounds of themed food, remember to share a menu with your guests in advance. Whether winter is coming or not, they’ll know dinner is definitely coming!



“I drink and I know things,” Tyrion Lannister once confessed, in a moment of inspiration. From the little Lannister and sister Cersei to just about everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms, a tipple clearly comes with the territory. A clever way to incorporate your GoT theme in the beverage department is to rename cocktails — ‘Milk of the Poppy’ instead of a Pina Colada for instance, or ‘Wildling Cider’ instead of apple juice. Serve a good scotch; your discerning guests will appreciate it. If you are serving wine as well, switch out the labels to GoT-inspired names like ‘Dornish Red,’ ‘Arbor Gold’ and the like. Then conjure up a Black Dog-based ‘White Walker Cocktail’ along with some ‘Bottled Wildfire,’ and don’t forget to throw a ‘Kingslayer’ into the mix as well!

Once you’ve prepped for your party, dress to impress in GoT gear, with a Dothraki-style braid added for good measure. We can assure you this Game of Thrones bash will be cooler than winter… which is totally coming to your telly screens this season!

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