9 Al Fresco Party Tips

Set the stage for fun, outdoors.

An al fresco party may seem like a convenient option while hosting a party, and it is. No need to worry about keeping the floors clean or spend money on extravagant decorations. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind while hosting a smashing house party, in your garden.

1. Keep Pests Away

Al Fresco Party

This is not about your guestlist but the little bugs living in your garden. Use insect repellents to keep your guests from being bitten. Make sure it is chemical free. You can keep it pretty too. (see image)

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2. Have Enough Seating

Seating is something most people neglect while having an outdoor party. Have enough seating for all guests as they are eventually going to want to take a seat. It’s pretty simple to do it yourself too.

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3. Attire

Specify that all your guests keep it chill and come in flip flops. The last thing you want is your friend to be upset that her Christian Louboutin’s were ruined and you will be pretty upset too to find holes in your freshly manicured lawn.

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4. Summer’s A Bummer

While a warm sunny day is the perfect day for an outdoor party make sure you have some fans in place so the heat doesn’t kill the mood. Little hand held fans and cute, classy and handy.

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5. Brighten Up The Party

No reason to have only a day time al fresco party. Put up some subtle, pretty lights to brighten up your party. 

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6. Handy Cutlery

Keep little cutlery packets ready to be picked up at the buffet. Use and throw is best but still make it recyclable.

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7. Keep Dessert Warm

Choose unfrozen desserts so as to keep them from melting before your guests get to it. 

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8. Keep Lots Of Ice

Don’t run out of ice so get it in plenty and in handy freezers. Get ice with your drinks by just downloading the LIS app.

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9. Adult Games

Have games for adults as well. Try this fun version of outdoor twister with your guests.

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