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published time By Vanessa published time 18 Feb, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Same house. Same food. Same drinks. Same music. Boooooring! 
If your last five house parties have pretty much been the same, it’s time to up the game a little. Sure, house parties are generally great. They give you the freedom to pick your own music, not worry about table reservations or time restriction and just unwind with your friends. But they can also get boring if they all follow the same routine.  
So, the next time you want to throw a house party, here are some fun ideas you can give a try. 

Karaoke party
A little singing can totally change the vibe of the party. It acts as an ice-breaker for everyone to bond. It’s entertaining for the people who participate and for the rest who cheer on. Moreover, it doesn’t take much effort to organise it. All you need is a list of karaoke songs ready for your guests to pick from
Types Of House Parties You Can Throw Instead Of The Same Old Boring One
Pyjama party 
Partying in your pyjamas can be comfy and relaxing. You can choose to sit and talk all night or just watch movies while sipping on your drinks. It is the perfect type of party to catch up with your pals after a long time and make up for the lost time. 
 Types Of House Parties You Can Throw Instead Of The Same Old Boring One

Potluck party 
Want to party like a grown-up? Throw a potluck party. This is a “bring-a-dish” kind of dinner party where everyone brings one dish to share and you all end up with a feast. It’s an exciting concept for your guest as everyone will look forward to what’s cooking, quite literally. Moreover, this is not only a nice way to catch up with your friends but also an excellent way to enjoy good food. 

Games night party
Friends and games make for a good combination. There is never a dearth of games to play during your next weekend chill session. Apart from being the perfect ice-breaker, they give your guests a chance to interact, laugh and get to know each other. So, call the gang over for a good session of scrabble, taboo or monopoly. Here are some more game ideas for your next house party. 

Movie night party 
The next time there’s a new and exciting movie on Netflix everyone wants to watch, just go ahead and make a party out of it. The gang will be together anyway, add some food and a few drinks and you’ll have a fun and exciting party. 

Pizza party
If there’s pizza, there’ll be a party. Nuff said. 

Try these fun party ideas to make your next house party LIT.