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Pregaming, for those who don’t know about it yet, is when you share a drink between yaars before heading out to the real party. Think of it as a toast to the good evening up ahead. The idea is to bond with your gang before everyone disperses within the party venue.  

That’s why, you got to get it right.   

Here are some tips to pregame responsibly, so everyone has a grand time all night. 

Pick a location
Since it’ll be a busy club you’ll be heading to anyway, why not start your night in a cosy living room, where you can get some private one-on-one with your squad. You can finally catch up (because how often does everyone meet together), relax and cheer to your yaari before you are huddled together in the club with a bunch of strangers. 
Tips For Pregaming Before You Party With Your Yaars

Get the right food
Eating is also an important part of pregaming. Preparing for a night out is a lot like preparing for a workout. Filling your stomach with the right food will give you the energy to pull through the evening. Look out for some healthy fats and lean protein like a cheese plate or cold cut platter that will help slow digestion and the absorption of alcohol. So, make sure you and your yaars grab a bite before you step out.
 Tips For Pregaming Before You Party With Your Yaars

Pregame responsibly
The pregame is not the party. Sip on your drinks slowly and steadily. Practising moderation will help you enjoy your drink and company better. Another important tip is to pick your alcohol wisely and stick to it all night. A seasoned pre-game will tell you that mixing drinks isn’t the best idea. Remember to always DRINK RESPONSIBLY.  

Turn up the music
No get together is complete without some upbeat music! Pick a mix of Bollywood party songs or Punjabi party tracks to set the tempo for the rest of the night. This will get everyone party-ready even before you head out. 

Assign a designated driver
The pregaming session is just the first stop of the night. When it’s time to head to the real party, you’ll need someone to drive your gang around. Assign a designated driver or the resident teetotaller who hasn’t had a drink. If there’s no one who fits the bill, call a cab. 

When done right, pregaming could be a fun start to your night of partying with your yaars. 

*Drink Responsibly!