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Scotch tasting glasses, and more; here’s how to stock your home bar for that perfect festival party for scotch enthusiasts.


The holiday season is on its way; the perfect time to invite friends and lovers over to your abode and make merry. A home bar provides the perfect setting for wild parties or cozy nights indoors but only if you have some high quality equipment at your disposal. If there’s a need to improve your home cocktail bar, we’re here to help. It may seem like a daunting task, but actually isn’t. If you’re looking for timely intervention before your scotch-loving friends and relatives descend into your home, here’s what to do. Become that suave home mixologist you’ve always wanted to be.

Correct Glassware

Find right glassware for your scotch and whisky - home bar accessories

The way things work in the world of alcohol is simple. The need for various types of glassware is to ensure that each alcoholic beverage becomes better in terms of the flavour and aroma. Say a red wine glass possesses a larger, rounder bowl to ensure you swirl your drink with considerable ease and also aerate it, while the long stem is to keep your hand away from the glass so that your body temperature does not end up affecting the temperature of your poison. Likewise, a scotch tasting glass is used to derive maximum pleasure out of your dram. It has a wide bowl to expose the aroma alongside a tapering mouth. Here’s the perfect guide to get started on the glassware department.


Ice-makers that standout

Ice maker and wedge kit to serve the scotch-whisky right - home bar essentials

Don’t you enjoy a perfectly chilled drink with your favourite chakna (read: 8 Best Chakna Ideas For A Drinks-Only Party)? Stocking up on the ice trays are the way to go. Nowadays, you have groovy bar accessory options such as this Ice Ball Maker Mold, which will give you that perfectly spherically-shaped ice ball to enjoy with you smooth an aromatic Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky. Those who are looking for ice designed to melt slower than traditional ice cubes can opt for this incredible ice wedge kit; for that perfectly chilled but not easily watered down scotch.


Special Bar spoon

The main purpose of a bar spoon is to, of course, stir the drinks. Think twice before passing on that regular spoon to your puzzled guests who will surely brand you a novice. This Pinkdose Copper Plated luxury bar spoon is 268mm long, made out of stainless steel, and is the perfect bartending device to have at home.


Eye-catching Ice Insulated Bucket, and ice tong

A contemporary ice bucket with an incredible mirror stainless steel, this one is double walled to keep your ice colder for a longer time accompanied with a lid and tongs. Measuring 22 cm (8.75"), the BergHOFF Zeno Mirror Stainless Steel is perfect for times when the party goes on until wee hours. Cheers!  


Fancy Peg Measure

You can never go wrong when there’s a peg measure in hand. This soft OXO Steel double Jigger with a non-slip grip is a two sided, flip device for different measurements that will make “measuring” an easy-peasy affair when done at home. With 1-1/2-ounce capacity with 3/4-ounce and 1/3-ounce increments on one side, while 1/4-ounce, 1/2-ounce and 1-ounce increments on the other, this peg measure is dishwasher safe and is what bartending dreams are made up of.


Efficient Cocktail Shaker

Shakers are widely used by bartenders which are easy to use and come in handy when you’re required to create a cocktail. Schott Zwiesel Basic Bar Selection by Charles Schumann Boston Shaker, is 7 inches tall, 3.6 inches wide, with a 28.7 ounce capacity, made out of stainless steel and glass for that perfect mix.


 Handy whisky chilling stones

There’s this thing with purists: they don’t prefer mixing ice or even water to their dram. But what about those times when the scorching heat makes you crave for something cool and refreshing? Whisky chilling stones to the rescue. These reusable whisky chilling rocks come in a handcrafted wooden box, coupled with stainless steel tongs and a classy coaster, perfect for a night of revelry with your scotch-loving friends. 

So now you know.


LiveInStyle encourages you to party responsibly. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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