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published time By Liveinstyle published time 16 Jul, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Black & White Get Togethers article 3

The art of culinary skills and literature complement each other too well. A meal is a celebration of the art and not merely a task to satiate hunger.

The get-together at Kanishka’s residence in association with OpenOut was one such social experience that combined food with storytelling. It was an eventful evening amidst kindred spirits sharing their mutual admiration for what the host had to offer.

Right from the invite design to the choice of dishes, everything was very well thought-out. The participants received cleverly made invitations resembling an old manuscript. Each ingredient described with delicate intricacy, each dish associated with a nostalgic event from a book

Black & white get togethers article 3

The velvety fresh peas soup, for example, recalls the essay ‘Coon Tree’ by E.B White in 1956 on his concerns about the fast change in the environment and it is relevant even today. The classic fried chicken served with Parker House rolls takes you to the breakfast scenes in Atticus Finch’s table’s in the classic revolutionary novel-To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Every single detail in the event had a mark to make, a story to tell. The beautifully decorated house of the host with romantic lighting was inviting conversations to be sparked and smiles to be exchanged.
Participants found themselves among like-minded souls, sharing experiences and recommendations.

The scrumptious food was accompanied by whiskey cocktails served to fuel the mood. These were made using Black & White blended scotch whiskey, labeled with clever names. The “Black in Fashion” was a twist to the classic old-fashioned with apricot syrup in it, while the“Black Knight” had cola and a sprinkle of coffee powder, balanced with fresh citrus.

In all, it was a gathering of interesting people, good food and carefully crafted drinks leaving you with a cheerful warmth as you head back. You get to escape into a world of indulgence of your area of interest. You learn. You grow and spend your weekend engrossed in something worthwhile and regretless.

How many times have you gone to a fancy restaurant and left completely disappointed? Do they allow you the simple pleasures of making new friends in the city?

Black and White get-togethers take place almost every weekend and each experience is custom-made and distinguished from the former by the host’s skills.

Additionally, these gatherings are organized as closed invitations to maintain the privacy of the host and attendees, taking utmost care of everyone’s safety.

These gatherings are, however, limited to a specific number of attendees. Please make sure you make a booking as early as possible and look forward to easing into the specially curated GetTogethers  like the one hosted at Kanishka’s. Check out today!