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Here’s your list of dos and don’ts when hosting a birthday party for adults at home.

In the past, we discussed the coolest and the most unconventional birthday party ideas for adults that can make for an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to organise a home party this year -- instead of the usual bar hopping ritual that’s been a constant in your life -- it might seem a daunting task. This is because there’s a big difference between descending into other’s homes to engage in some banter over some savoury food and delectable poison, and hosting one yourself. But worry not, for we’re here to help you. Here’s a list of some dos and don’ts you ought to follow in order to make your home party a seamless affair, instead of the Herculean task you imagined it be.

Read carefully what we’re about to tell you next.

Decided On The Perfect Birthday Party Idea for Adults? Here’s How To Plan It

Your neighbors are your best friends (at least for the night)

If Shakespeare was to be believed, you really need to love thy neighbor(s). This is the number one rule that should be followed to guarantee a successful home party. The outcome of a night of revelry is usually noise (lots of it), and that my friend, is not a great sign, especially if your neighbours aren’t in the know of things. There’s a high possibility that one of your neighbours may sneakily complain to higher authorities, making your party a flop affair. We suggest you not only inform them about it, but also extend them a warm welcome. This is called killing two (imaginary) birds with one stone.

Decided On The Perfect Birthday Party Idea for Adults? Here’s How To Plan It

Décor for theme parties

Whether it is a Bollywood theme party or a whisky appreciation party (read: An Adult Birthday Party Need Not Be Boring: Here Are Some Unique Ideas), these unique birthday party ideas for adults cannot take place unless your layout and lighting is not in place. If you’ve already asked your friends to come dressed according to the theme, you need to make sure the décor is on point. An essential here is also to make space in your house, especially during times when the number of guests exceed the size of your home. Arrange for more furniture (read: plastic chairs and tables) to make your guests at home instead of letting them scramble for a seat all through the night. A separate room in your apartment can act as a dance floor for those of your guests who like to shake a leg. Basically, you need to ensure your guests are comfortable.

Selecting the right glassware

So you’ve never organized a home party and the sheer variety of drinking glasses make your head go all tizzy? If you’re looking to broaden your horizons about the role and purpose of different types of glassware, then here’s where you can brush up on the basics. Different types of glassware allows one to enjoy the flavour and aroma of a particular drink, and is one of the most essential aspects you need to keep in mind when organizing a home party for adults. 

Food and drinks

Your food and drinks menu can make or break a home party. There should be equal representation of meat and vegan fare in the food department; likewise, party mongers need variety when it comes to poison. Everybody has their own preference and you can’t enforce your favourite dram on to all your guests (read: Home Party Guide: Easy-Peasy Ways To Pair Food And Alcohol). So ensure you hire a bartender for the same along with having ample choice for your guests.

Music to build the mood

We’re not saying you invite a DJ to the party and pile on the bill; we suggest you invite a musically-inclined friend who can become your very own designated DJ for a night of revelry and fun. More so because it’s your birthday and you need to be free from tedious tasks.Also, the playlist needs to change according to the mood and time; say, you start with a pop playlist, but end on a jazz note so that after-party conversations aren’t a chore (read: to be audible during conversations).

Make introductions

When your guest list is as diverse as it can get, the onus is on you to make introductions to make it easier for your guests to mingle around. This is certainly true for the introverted bunch who might just be loitering around the corner with a drink in their hand all through the night without exchanging a single pleasantry.

Screenings, games and more

Match screenings for sports enthusiasts; film screenings for film buffs; card games, et al for those who love a little bit of a challenge after a glass of their favourite dram. Games and screenings are essential for a home party to thrive; games build good camaraderie among strangers, while screenings are those intermittent moments of relief for introverts when they can steer clear from uncomfortable conversations.

So now you know. Happy birthday, in advance.


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