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House parties are always a good excuse to catch up with friends and indulge in fun activities. And playing games is one fun activity we’re totally up for!

There is never a dearth of games to play during your next Saturday-night chill session with your mates. Apart from being the perfect icebreaker, they give your guests a chance to interact, laugh and get to know each other.

If you’re looking to spruce up your next house party, here’s a list of our personal favourites. From card games to ones that involve a bit of um… exercise, we’ve made sure there’s something in it for everyone. Laughs and memories guaranteed!

1) Cards Against Humanity

We’re sure you’ve stumbled across this unassuming deck of cards at least once. Promoted as a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements, CAH is our top pick amongst card games. A game that most people have on their shelves; it was first published in May 2011. Taking off like wildfire since then, it’s become super popular across all ages. Start off by drawing ten white cards and brace yourselves for the sheer amount of fun that follows.

5 Fun Games You Can Play At Your House Party

2) Blindfolded Pictionary

This game of Pictionary which is more of a sensory experience is as fun as it sounds. If an ordinary game of Pictionary doesn’t entice you enough, try one where you’re blindfolded! Since the task of drawing and guessing gets harder when blindfolded, do make sure the words you pick are easy. Go with simpler words like ‘cat’, ‘car’, ‘ball’ or ‘dog’ for starters. While you may have the urge to ask someone you hate to draw a ‘time machine’… um, who are we to tell you otherwise?

5 Fun Games You Can Play At Your House Party

3) Twister

Some games never go out of style. And one of them is the dotted with fun all over! Add some polka-dot fun to your house party and make your guests twist and turn. It involves a large plastic mat with red, yellow, blue, and green dots and yes – hands and feet! Hilarious throughout, it’ll have your guests put themselves through unlikely positions, eventually causing someone to fall. Sounds like a riot, doesn’t it?

4) Jenga – Truth or Dare

The classic Jenga gets an entertaining twist with the Truth and Dare version! With two-thirds of its blocks coloured red and green, this version is intense and surely more fun. Perfect for a house party, it involves stacking up the blocks into a sturdy tower and then pulling them out. The player that pulls out the coloured block needs to answer a question or perform a "dare" before he stacks the block on top of the tower.

5) Heads Up!

Let’s go digital with this one! From The Ellen DeGeneres Show, comes Heads Up! which is fun, hilarious and easy to play. It has fun topics like naming celebrities to singing to silly accents! You have to guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out! This free game comes pre-loaded with different decks like animals, movies, celebrities, etc. Download, install and get ready for fun!

So go ahead and organise the most amazing party this weekend!

Image Credits: Amazon, Google Play