Leopold Café

Q. When/How did you discover the place?
A. I ran into Leopold the first time I went out shopping at Colaba Causeway.

Q. A fun observation/fact about the place?
A. It has two different floors: one, to lay back, wine and dine, and the other, gives off more of a pub feel.

Q. What is the ambience/crowd like?
A. Dining - bar scene with a '90s setting.

Q. Why should people check this place out at least once?
A. Leopold Café has been an integral part of Bombay’s history since 1871!

Q. What kind of music do you usually come across at this place?
A. You can listen to some good loud music out here.

Q. Any personal favourites or other recommendations?
A. Chilli Chicken all the way!

Q. What is the best time to hit this club?
A. Evenings

Q. What's the entry like?
A. No entry fee is charged here.

Q. And the stand-out/most popular item out there?
A. The beer pitchers, mugs, towers are amongst the popular things you could catch here.

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