F - Bar

A. Glamour.

Q. When and how did you discover the place?
A. After watching a friend upload her photos of her birthday bash on Facebook that she threw at F-Bar.

Q. A fun observation/fact about the place?
A. F-Bar is a fashion bar, so every time you step in there, you tend to get a celebrity feeling.

Q. What is the ambience/crowd like?
A. The crowd here is young, stylish and mostly upbeat.

Q. Why should people check this place out at least once?
A. Because of the youth and fashion-obsessed crowd. If you are stylish and dress up well, then you will have a warm reception

Q. What kind of music do you get to hear at this place?
A. The top trending music of the metros.

Q.Any personal favourites or other recommendations?
A. Housed in Ashoka Hotel, you can be assured of a less-than-dignified crowd

Q.What is the best time to hit this club?
A. After 10 pm.

Q. What is the entry scene like?
A. The entry fee is pitted at Rs. 3000/- per couple.

Q. What is the most standing-out aspect about this place?
A. People often try the dark chocolate martini out here.

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