Café Mondegar

Q. When/How did you discover the place?
A. My girlfriends and I were strolling on Colaba Causeway when we saw this place.

Q. A fun observation/fact about the place?
A. Just like Leopold Café, this place is best known for its beer. Most of the time you might have to wait for 10-15 mins before you get a table.

Q. What is the ambience/crowd like?
A. Very compact and casual with comic relief on the wall.

Q. Why should people check this place out at least once?
A. This is the best place to just chill and relax with your friends over some Lager.

Q. What kind of music do you usually come across at this place?
A. They have a juke box so you play the music and get it rocking.

Q. Any personal favourites or other recommendations?
A. You need to try the white sauce pasta, fish & chips and keep them pitchers coming!

Q. What is the best time to hit this club?
A. Any time is the best time.

Q. What's the entry like?
A. No entry fee is charged here.

Q. And the stand-out/most popular item out there?
A. Fish and chips and white sauce pasta!

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