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For some people food is merely a source of survival, but for some it is life, enjoyment and key to happiness. Foodies should most definitely try out the delicious dishes of Russia as they are made with a perfect blend of ingredients and rich flavour. LiveInStyle brings you some of the favourites:

Chicken Kiev:


It is a French inspired chicken cutlet rolled around a cold butte and then coated with eggs or bread crumbs. This combination of chicken, butter and bread crumbs makes it a delicious and perfect snack. It just melts in your mouth and is one of the finest dishes of Russia. The butter sauce/ dip intensifies the flavour of the chicken and makes the experience all the more satisfying. 

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These are dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. The fillings maybe be made of beef, minced meat or fish. The flavours added to the dish make it a perfect combination. Sour cream is served as a dip with the dumplings. The mix and match of both these creates an appetizing effect. Vareniki, a vegetarian variant of this, comes with a filling of potatoes or cheese. 

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Blini is a traditional pancake from Russia, made from wheat and served with sour cream, butter or quark. The Blini is an absolute delight. A sweet flattened bread, occasionally smoked with some spices, it is preferred by all and is a must try Russian dish.

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Beef Stroganoff:


Beef stroganoff is made with strips of beef and a thick, creamy sauce. The sauce is so well mixed with the beef that the combo creates a brilliant and delightfully cheesy dish. Sometimes, it is also served with some leafy vegetables that gives it a nice crunchy effect.


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Pierogis are baked sourdough dumplings, which can be stuffed with pretty much anything – minced meat, onions, eggs, potatoes, cabbages, diamonds or unicorns. A complete dish with good amount of veggies, eggs and dough make it a delightful dish which one will love to eat repeatedly.

Russian delicacies are hence, a perfect blend of flavored ingredients and have excellent taste. Brimming with traditions and culture, these dishes express emotions and the eating habits of the people of Russia. So do try out these morsels of goodness whenever you have a chance.

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