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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Oct, 2017 Share image 2 Shares
A fly in your soup is outrageous and disgusting, isn't it? Well, some people on God's Green Earth tend to think otherwise. With a rapid increase in different and unusual cuisines that are not only uncommon but also just disturbing, it is only a matter of time until insect based cooking came to the spotlight. LiveinStyle brings you a list of all the different type of insect based dishes that will surely make your head spin.

Chocolate Chirp Cookies:

Chocolate Chirp Cookies are one of those appealing dishes which have funny word play to back their cause. This perfect batch of treats is as close as you can get to normal cookies, especially when you decide that you are going to add a few crushed insects into the mix. So get ready to feel the crunch.
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Bee-L-T Sandwich:

Bee-L-T Sandwiches are a perfect way to mess up an age old tradition and be proud of it. Now we know bee larvae isn't the first choice for anybody when it comes to exploring with your taste buds. But once sauteed in butter and honey, one cannot make out the difference between the taste of Bacon and Bee Larvae. This is an absolute must especially if you really are curious about how it tastes.
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Chaprah or The Indian Red Ant Chutney is an absolute favorite among the Dhuruva Tribe that populate the town of Chhattisgarh. This particular substitute for coconutty goodness is quite a unique twist. The dish consists of grounded red ants and their larvae. Also the best part of this dish is that it has a lot of formic acid, which is good for our health. So the next time you order an idli, do check if they serve this particular adventure of a dip with it. 
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Rootworm Beetle Dip:

Get a load of this Rootworm Beetle Dip. This energizing and vitalizing protein filled dip is an absolute favorite among the health freaks. A cumulation of cottage cheese, lemon juice and milk, the Rootworm Beetle Dip is served cold and is usually complemented well by vegetables or crisps.

Grasshopper Kebab:

Grasshopper Kebabs is the next best thing after chicken or lamb Kebabs. A simple yet elegant dish that is an absolute must try for all the people insect based food lovers out there. The process is simple. All you have to do marinate the grasshopper with herbs of your choice with olive oil. Cut chunks of bell peppers and onions, skewer them together and grill them. Voila! Your Grasshopper Kebab is ready.

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So there you have it, some of the most repulsive dishes you will ever see in your life. But it doesn't matter. Whatever floats your boat, eh? So if you ever plan on diverting your attention towards insect based cuisine. Then these are the dishes that you must try.
Image Credits: everystockphoto, girl meets bug-, ravi dhigra-, how sweet eats