Abcos Kolkata Introduces Sunday Rooftop Brunch

If you are looking for a quiet rooftop experience that is topped with delicious food and innovative cocktails, look no further than Abcos Food Plaza. Nestled in Kolkata’s Salt Lake neighbourhood, Abcos introduces lazy Sunday brunch.

ABCOS Kolkata

 The food menu has an array of Indian and Continental spreads. From akuri on toast to pav bhaji to mini chicken kulcha, the Indian selection serves starters to desserts. The Continental dishes don’t shy away from a variety either. Choose between eggs, pasta and/or vegetable or chicken stroganoff and sate your appetite with a crème caramel.

Wondering what’s special from the bar? Apart from the two beers that you get free with your brunch selection, you can choose between vodka, wine and Bailey’s Irish cream cocktails.

 A favourite in this season is the mulled wine or the hot spiced wine. A mix of cinnamon, cloves and star anise, this wine cocktail is cooked on low flame with spices, orange juice and apple juice. The two juices contribute to the sweetness of the full-bodied wine. Drink this wine as the light breeze on the rooftop adds to the winter charm.

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 The classic red wine Sangria is always a favourite. A perfect blend of wine, cointreau and brandy, this cocktail is infused with fresh fruits overnight. This allows the concoction to soak in the flavours. What you get is a cool, refreshing drink to go with your brunch.

 If you like to stick to your preferred poison, vodka, try the Smirnoff Winter Hall. Made by a mix of fresh coconut water, fresh lime juice and curry leaves, this cocktail is like no other on the menu. Contrasting to the spicy Indian cuisine, this soothing fresh drink cleans your palate for the next in course.


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The Bailey’s Winter Frost is a winter special drink. The distinct taste of Bailey’s Irish cream is gently shaken with brandy and topped with some nutmeg powder. As you sip it from your martini glass, enjoy the light concoction specially crafted for the winter months.

Which drinks would you pick for your brunch at Abcos? Leave your comments below.

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