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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 30 Mar, 2018 Share image 2 Shares

For starters, an Indian restaurant set on foreign shores being crowned as the best restaurant in Asia not once but for 4 consecutive years, is a reason enough to head to Gaggan the next time you are in Bangkok and enjoy a mesmerizingly unique meal.

Operated by a maverick Indian chef – Gaggan Anand, this Indian eatery set in the heart of Bangkok has been known for its progressive Indian cuisine and has been wowing foodies across the globe with its experimentations and fining dining experience ever since it began its operations.

Gaggan has made it to the number 7 spot on the World’s 50 Best restaurants list and has been declared as ‘The Best Restaurant’ in Asia for the fourth consecutive year at the annual 'Asia's 50 Best Restaurants' award. Gaggan has been steadily holding the No 1 spot at this award function, which has often been dubbed as the “Oscars” of the restaurant world.

Gaggan, which serves Indian cuisine unlike any you have tried before, has managed to impress the jury at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant’s Awards for four consecutive years with its creativity. The celebrity chef has designed the 25-course menu entirely in emojis, setting the tone for a playful and modern meal. Gaggan’s signature dishes are equally creative and are packed with exceptional flavors giving you one of its kind dining experience. Every recipe has Indian roots, which is coupled with some element of madness and is sure to blow your mind with its taste and uniqueness.

Be it your golgappas, firni, dahi chaat, every traditional dish has an interesting twist and is sure to tease your taste buds. Gaggan undoubtedly offers an exceptional culinary experience that every foodie needs to indulge in and that too real soon.

Chef Gaggan Anand intends to close Gaggan in 2020! Speaking about it the chef said in an interview, “I made up my mind (to close Gaggan) when I opened Gaggan in 2010. Because every restaurant has a 10-year lifespan nowadays, otherwise it becomes very predictable, and I hate to be predictable. I didn’t think Gaggan could last for so long, and I am really glad it did.”

The maverick chef now plans to change the history of gastronomy by starting a 10-seat restaurant that opens only on weekends in Fukuoka, Japan.

Well, until then you need to savor all his creative offerings at Gaggan before it’s too late. So, book your table now!

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