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published time By SW published time 25 Oct, 2018 Share image 13 Shares

A city which is at its cosmopolitan best, Mumbai impresses when it comes to burrata and bulgogi alike.

With a selection of international food that is plentiful, Mumbai also plays host to certain cuisines that aren’t as popular.

If your taste buds need a flavourful change from Italian and Chinese food, these are the places you should be heading to next.

Taste the world’s best cuisines – no passport required – at these remarkable eateries!

Brazilian – Boteco

An underrated gem located in BKC, Boteco single-handedly serves the best of Brazilian cuisine in Mumbai. The colourful Iberian-influenced eatery has walls decorated with football murals and painted tiles giving it a homely feel. The air here smells of lemon, coconut, and sizzling steak.

LiveInStyle Loves: The Carne na Pedra with thin slices of steak which are cooked right in front of your eyes, on a hot stone is amazing. Served with fries, farofa (a cassava flour mixture), vinaigrette, and salad it’s truly heart-warming.

Where To Eat Food From Around The World In Mumbai

Korean – Heng Bok

Get a taste of Korea is at your fingertips in Bandra, where Heng Bok provides a welcome change from the area’s cafes and casual eateries. Its authentic interiors gel well with the food that is presented in true Korean style. There’s basically no wrong choice on the menu, with all the dishes offering the best in taste and flavour. There’s a reason why they’ve named it Heng Bok - it means ‘Happiness’ in Korean.

LiveInStyle Loves: The Kimchi Bossam with steamed pork belly and tangy kimchi is our personal favourite.

Where To Eat Food From Around The World In Mumbai

Spanish – El Mercado

Dishing out delicious ‘huevos’ and ‘tapas’, El Mercado serves up a taste of Spain all year round. Its homely fare has been attracting eyes—and stomachs—from around the city. You haven’t had the best omelette in the city until you’ve feasted on the Pablos Tortilla, their classic Spanish omelette, cooked with eggs and potato. Definitely a good way to start your day.

LiveInStyle Loves: While you’re there, make sure you grab a piece of their Flourless Chocolate Cake, in all of its oozy, gooey, and chocolaty glory!

Burmese – Burma Burma

While you may not be planning a trip to Myanmar any time soon, amazing Burmese food can find its way into your stomach if you dine at Burma Burma. There’s no better place in Mumbai for a bowl of Samosa Thoke – that’s piping hot samosa soup for you! Do ask the staff for recommendations if this is your first visit.

LiveInStyle Loves: Consider ordering one of their bubble teas before heading out.

Thai – Nara

Crispy Morning Glory Leaves? Check.
Spicy Lemongrass And Lime Soup With Prawns? Check.
The best Thai Green Curry you've ever eaten? Check.
A super delicious Mixed Berry Crepe Cake? Check. Do we need to say more?

LiveInStyle Loves: Don’t forget to order their signature Butterfly Pea Rice which magically changes colour from purple to blue with a squeeze of lime.