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Most of us go out to eat, to not just enjoy a great meal but also be a part of all that a restaurant has to offer. With theme restaurants slowly becoming a fad, the dining experience is growing to another level altogether. 

We decided to curate a list of the most stylish theme restaurants in Bengaluru where “ambience” gets redefined and anything “mundane” gets thrown out of the window. 

So, giddy up and let’s get cracking!!

Ever had a fantasy of eating in a dark cave ambience? Guhfa can make it come true, while giving you the ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe as you step in. The cave structures and interiors give this multi-cuisine restaurant a distinct feel. The mood further gets enhanced with the soft sound of gushing water in the background and flame torches around you.
LiveInStyle Loves: Try their Afghani Biryani and Chicken Kalimirch. 
Top 5 Theme Restaurants In Bengaluru For A Memorable Dine-Out

The Black Pearl
Inspired by the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, this unique restaurant is extremely popular among the fans of the series and the man himself, Johnny Depp *drools*

The staff here are dressed as pirates and the décor features human rib cages for back support, along with skulls and skeletons! The two floors of the hotel make you feel like you are on the upper and lower deck of a pirate ship.
LiveInStyle Loves: Barbeque style buffet and their live food stations. 
Top 5 Theme Restaurants In Bengaluru For A Memorable Dine-Out

Silver Metro
The theme of this restaurant is inspired by the Bangalore Metro where the restaurant is designed like metro coaches. To make it more authentic, there are metro stations like Indiranagar and Brigade Road. There is indoor and outdoor seating, giving you the feeling of actually dining in a station premises inside a train.
LiveInStyle Loves: Their Mutton Biryani, Chicken Momos, and Fish Fry are divine. 

If you have ever been fascinated by stories of Arabian Nights, this restaurant will find a permanent place in your heart. With a Middle-Eastern theme, Ruh has a mix of everything in the right portions to leave you mesmerised. From Moroccan and Mughlai cuisines to Live Sufi Nights to their floors full of sand and ornate mirror décor, you will like everything about this place. 
LiveInStyle Loves: Their Hariyali Murg and Chocolate Bomb are not to be missed. 

Central Jail Restaurant 
Get the experience of prison dining (no, not how you see it in the movies) in this first jail-themed restaurant in town. The hanging bulbs, the exposed brick walls and the model of an inmate welcoming you to your cell are all too eerie yet amazing. The seafood and Mughlai dishes here are supreme.
LiveInStyle Loves: Their Spicy Dragon Chicken is a burst of flavours in the mouth. 

The next time you think of going back to your run-of-the-mill restaurant, dare to be adventurous and visit these theme restaurants for a refreshing change. 

Image Credits: xoxoday, curlytalespolkacafetripadvisorbloominggreens