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published time By SW published time 11 Jan, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Keto diet, apple cider vinegar and cauliflower dominated the year 2018. But we have entered a new year now and with that comes new food trends. And honestly, 2019 is shaping up to be irresistibly delicious.
Straight from the Pin Boards of Pinterest, we present to you the up-and-coming food trends in 2019 that will leave you in a happy tizzy! 

Homemade Jam
 The Hottest Food Trends For 2019 Are Predicted And We’re Salivating!
Image Credits: Fabulessly Frugal

People all over the world have been searching for online recipes of homemade jams. If you’ve been struggling to get your share of fruits in your diet, homemade jams are a delicious way to add them in. Doing a quick search on DIY (Do It Yourself) jams will introduce you to endless possibilities of integrating fruits in their diet the fun way. 

Mushroom Recipes
 The Hottest Food Trends For 2019 Are Predicted And We’re Salivating!
Image Credits: Food Revolution Network

Mushrooms are being searched a lot more than last year. Vegetarians find it a great meat substitute and include it in almost everything from burgers, rice dishes to soups and salads. It is a highly nutritious supplement and mushroom recipe trends for 2019 include some quite unusual menu items, including mushrooms in chocolate bars and coffee concoctions.

Bread Baking
Image Credits: Betty Crocker
There’s a growing desire in people to learn recipes for fermented loaves like sourdough from scratch. All these skills used to be considered old-fashioned but they are making a huge comeback now. We couldn’t be happier!   

Oat Milk
Image Credits: Who Needs Salad?

For the health conscious, oat milk is an excellent dairy milk alternative. No wonder it has been climbing the charts of 2019 food trend searches. What’s better is that oat milk is not just yummy but also environmentally friendly. Not to forget, it’s vegan! Vegans have so much to be thankful for! 

The ‘Pegan’ Diet
Image Credits: Hungry Forever

The world was just coming to terms with the obsession of ‘Keto’ diet when the New Year has presented us with another strange diet to comprehend. The ‘Pegan’ Diet which involves low-carb and no-meat is exceptionally difficult but its potential for weight loss has already made it a big hit. 

Ginger-Infused Water
Image Credits: Culligan​
Ginger has a lot of digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits and that’s no secret to any of us. What’s surprising is that the trend is only picking up now in 2019 (What took you’ll so long?) Pinterest reported a whopping 353 per cent increase in searches for ginger-infused water. 

Grazing Tables
Image Credits: Gather N Graze

Family-style lavish meals have always been fun – where the table is laden with so much food that it is barely visible. From cheese and meat dishes to fancy salads and desserts, it’s really an open invitation for everyone to just dig in. 

So how about trying a little trendiness in 2019 with your family and yaars?