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Delhi is all about momos!  You get this ubiquitous Tibetan snack at almost every nook and corner here. From fried to steamed and tandoori varieties, Delhi does momos like no other. 
And so, we went about creating a little trail around the city to come up with our list of favourites. Do join us as we present to you a buffet of culinary excellence that will leave you craving and drooling for more.​

Café Brown Sugar
Nestled in the posh locality of Defence Colony, Café Brown Sugar is a popular go-to momo joint known for its extensive menu. You can never go wrong no matter what you pick, it’s always a treat for the taste buds. From mushroom to spinach to chicken fillings, you are completely spoilt for choice here! And what’s even more commendable is their consistency of taste that always hits the bulls’ eye. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The delectable wheat momos, famously called “womos”. 

The Best Momo Places In Delhi You Should Try Right Now

Image Credits: Times of India 

Wow! Momo
The bright yellow board with quirky prints and the heavenly aroma of momos wafting in the air is what will catch your attention when you come close to this famous momo joint. With a wide variety of momos to choose from this can be a perfect hangout spot for any momo fan looking to satiate their craving for yummy dumplings.   
LiveInStyle Loves: Pan fried chicken momos in Szechwan sauce, chicken momo burger and tandoori chicken momos.

The Best Momo Places In Delhi You Should Try Right Now

Image Credits: Eat Treat

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen
This place has become so incredibly famous in the Delhi food scene that people from all across the city land up here just to devour the super-delish momos. Their special ‘Newari momos' served with sesame sauce are designed to put you in a food coma. Their Mt. Everest Momos and unique Aloo Momos are also a big hit!
LiveInStyle Loves: The traditional Himalayan music as you binge on steamy momos.

Image Credits: Facebook

This is probably every DU student’s second home and one of the earliest fast food joints to give the classic momos a tandoori twist. The momos here are just delicious and give you an invitation to drool. Most of the offerings on the menu are finger-licking good, making you go back for more. Their vegetarian momos are equally tempting!  
LiveInStyle Loves: The Tandoori Momos you get here are still the undisputed winners. 

Image Credits: Eat Treat

Hunger Strike
This is where you head to when you are irrevocably hungry or, should we say, when the ‘hunger strikes’. This ‘momo paradise’ serves divinely cooked momos topped with mint chutney, yoghurt gravy, onions and coriander leaves. They are cooked with a charred and smoky twist to bring out an irresistible flavour. 
LiveInStyle Loves: Afghan Chicken, Shawarma and Chicken Tandoori momos. 

Image Credits: Just Delhiing

Have you tried these momo places? If we missed out your favourite place, do let us know in the comments section below!