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A dough-based pastry that’s deep fried for scrumptious golden-brown colour, churros is becoming a popular dessert in Mumbai. A Spanish specialty, this dish is served hot for that pleasing crunchy layer outside and soft, doughy inside. Topped with a variety of ingredients or accompanied with dips, there are many ways to enjoy churros.
The churro trend is surely taking over the city with cafes and dessert parlours offering their own tantalizing versions of this delish dessert! Considered a breakfast dish in Spain, for Mumbaikars, it’s all about satisfying their sweet tooth. Here are 6 places in Mumbai you can enjoy delicious churros.

1. Toro Churro
A dessert parlour and beverage shop situated at Chowpatty, Toro Churro serves lip-smacking varieties of churros. One of their variants is the Cheesy Churros that comes with a delicious molten cheese dip that’s absolutely outstanding.  Apart from churros they also serve beverages, Churro Fondue, Churro Cup Sundae and flatbreads called Lagos. 

The Best Churro Places In Mumbai For A Delicious Dessert Fix

What to eat: Their Churrowich, a sandwich made of churros with ice in the center is a colourful delight. 
Price: Approximately Rs. 180 to 200 depending on the choice of churros.

2. Chocolateria San Churro
Churros are a speciality at Chocolateria San Churro, which they serve with many different toppings. This dessert café located in Bandra also has a special kid’s menu and serve waffles, truffles and pastries too.  

The Best Churro Places In Mumbai For A Delicious Dessert Fix

What to eat: Churros Medio comes with 6 churro sticks and 2 dip cups for a delicious treat. 
Price: Rs. 245 to 575 depending on the dish you choose.

3. The Bombay Churros
With four outlets in the city (Bandra, Mahim, Lower Parel and Andheri), The Bombay Churros is becoming a favourite of many Mumbaikars. A dessert cafe that serves signature oval-shaped churros with various dips and toppings, this place is famous for getting people officially churrofied (their tag line). They also serve coffee, milkshakes and refreshing sodas for a satisfying snack time.

What to eat: Crunchy White Oreo Churro is delicious.
Price: Rs. 140 to 175 depending on your choice of churros

4. Amor Churros
A dessert parlour in Thane, Amor Churro has a subtle ambience with minimalist interiors and some interesting offerings on their menu. They serve decadent churro variants with multiple topping options along with rich milkshakes. They also have some board games that can be enjoyed while you get your dessert fix.

What to eat: The Dulce de Leche flavour is noteworthy.  
Price: Rs. 150-200

5. Churolls & Co.
Situated in Ghatkopar East, Churolls & Co. is a cute café that has a lot to offer. Churro sticks and funnel cakesareserved with a choice of toppings while they also serve churro ice cream sandwich, little heart-shaped churros and churro tarts. If you are confused with all the options, pick a churro box that comprises 6 small churros with multiple flavour toppings. The café also serves savoury foods like rolls and fries along with beverages for a wholesome, fun snack. 

What to eat: The Little Heart Churro with Panna Cotta in ginger and lemongrass flavour is a unique and appetizing combo.
Price: Rs. 69 to 150 depending on the choice of your dish.

6. The Dough Story
The Dough Story in Vile Parle has an extensive variety of churros on their menu. From classic churros to churros glazed with Nutella and topped with roasted hazelnut, there are multiple variants for the dessert-loving foodie. They also have a sundae option that’s made with churro bites, ice cream and toppings.  

What to eat: The Nutella Splash variant is the most popular.  
Price: Rs. 100 to 150 depending on the choice of churros.

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