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published time By Liveinstyle published time 06 Jan, 2018 Share image 8 Shares

In the capital of our country, Delhi is a new restaurant launched by our favourite skipper Virat Kohli and conceived by the famous Chef Michael Swamy. The restaurant is an answer to India’s growing food culture.

Though it sounds very promising, you can always read about it before you decide on going there. While some say that it is excellent for a first-time restaurant serving South American Cuisine, some others are disappointed with the placement of tables and temperature indoors. Well, read on before heading out there.


Nueva is the first restaurant to serve South American Cuisine in our country. Be sure to try it. Though, if you are picky about your cuisine, they have your back. Decide your pick; Spanish, Italian, Portugal, French, Japanese or Asian food. What more, art and culture are put outright on the plate.

Says Michael, an ardent nature lover, that he would love his diners to venture on a journey of nature; of Sea, Land, Mountains and Air in his restaurant. He also speaks about how he uses fresh produce, most of which are local. Moreover, to keep the dish original, ingredients sourced from the Embassy are used.


While décor wise, it is lit up and cozy, the ambience gives out good vibes too. But as we mentioned earlier, some diners were disappointed with the placement of table. Regarding the presentation of food, when you are in a food stylist and photographer’s restaurant, what you see and eat are just like you see them in magazines and food shows. That is very true to Nueva.

Lastly, they are yet to get a license to serve drinks. So, you won’t find a bar. But they serve bodacious beverages which will serve well and forget alcohol.

To conclude, Nueva has all three, fine dining, high tea and tapas under one roof. It is carefully inducted with three important features; Fine Dining at an affordable price, food and service of a Michelin Star restaurant. The dishes are guzzled with global cultures and experimented on a new level. The menu, is small but seasonal and changing.

Surely, this is a place to go at least once! So, go ahead and see if your perspective of food changes.

Nueva has already created a tremendous impression and receiving stellar reviews. With amazing dishes crafted by Chef Michael Swamy we don't see any reason why you shouldn't go book your table now at Nueva.

Image Credits:, india food network, The Pleasantly Plump, architectural digest india