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published time By SW published time 26 Oct, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

A good looking dish will always attract attention. As they say, “You eat with your eyes first.” So vanity for the food is essential and even if you may not like it, the appearance of your food is going to determine its takers. No wonder, plating a dish is often considered an art and rightly so! But if you’ve never paid much attention to this little detail, here are some handy tips that’ll help you present food like a pro. Go ahead and try them out. You can thank us later.  

Plating Tips That'll Help You Present Food Like A Pro

1. Pick a pretty plate
The plate is going to be an important part of the picture, so make sure you pick a pretty plate. Keep in mind the size, shape and colour of the plate too and make sure it compliments your food. If you are confused, always use white plates that will enhance the colour of your food. Trust us, it works!

Plating Tips That'll Help You Present Food Like A Pro 

2. Organise the food
The plate is your canvas and hence, it is important that you organise your subject – the food, appropriately. For guidance keep a clock in mind and plate accordingly. For instance, your protein should be between 3 and 9 while your veggies should be between 9 and 12. But don’t overcrowd the ingredients. 

3. Set the focal point 
It is important to set a focal point on the plate. This is often the protein which makes other ingredients the supporting elements. You can also experiment by setting a height for your dish which can make it look more interesting especially if you are plating something like sliders.  

4. Play with textures
Using different textures to present your food is a great way to make the dish look attractive. Contrasting textures are often paired together like a crunchy ingredient can be plated with a puree or sauce that will create a visually stimulating plate. This is often done with a layer of garnish too like freshly chopped coriander that’s used generously in Indian food. 

5. The rule of odds
While serving, make sure to plate items, especially appetizers, in odd numbers. A Chicken Tikka dish with 5 or 7 Tikkas is more appealing and creates visual interest. Thus, when you are plating keep this tip in mind and build up on that. You can use the remaining space on the plate for the salad or chutni and present an eye-pleasing dish.