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published time By Liveinstyle published time 06 Jan, 2018 Share image 4 Shares

With Virat Kohli delving into the hospitality business, the emphasis on culinary business is ever the more. But the other side of the coin is obvious. Cooking. It is not a routine job. If it was, there would have been nothing to be excited about it. Cooking is an art, it is love. Art is all about feels and pleasure. Same goes for cooking. If you still disagree, you will probably do after reading what Nueva’s patron, Chef Michael Swamy, has to say about cooking and art.


Nueva has been in the news ever since it opened, the more because it is RCB captain, Virat’s restaurant. There is also another celebrity quotient to it and that is Chef Michael Swamy. The head chef of Nueva, Michael Swamy, is more than what we think he is. Not only is he a wonderful chef, he is also a Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Entrepreneur, and an Author. Well, aren’t you surprised? After knowing these facets of the renowned chef, there is no doubt that he is an artist as well.

Chef Michael spent ample amount of time in studios where his mother made documentary films, maybe that is how he developed an interest. Chef Michael has done his specialization in Bakery and Patisserie. All of this makes him an artist. Without any doubt, we can see art in his work. He has his own cooking style called Progressive Indian Cuisine which brings together the best of French culinary techniques and Indian flavours.


At Nueva, he leads his team as a head chef, where he gives much weight on cooking inspired by nature and art and design. He loves experimenting with food and calls for the adventurer who likes to try out new things. He says that like art, people need to understand food, not just look at it and gulp it for the sake.

He is highly focused on reflecting art on a plate. He welcomes people who are open-minded, who respect food and look forward to trying out new food, just like art. 

In one of the interviews by Love For Tea, he says that a chef is necessarily a poet and an artist. He believes that it is a must to utilize all the talents conferred upon one. He also says that the artist in him came out as a food stylist and photographer.

To conclude, Chef Michael believes that food is the chef’s poetry and translating it onto a plate is an art. What a wonderful way of saying and implementing it!

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