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published time By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar published time 26 Jun, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

A culinary storm is building up in Mumbai. Dining at Typhoon Shelter, the newest oriental-themed restaurant at Phoenix Mills Compound, Lower Parel is like sitting in the middle of an approaching typhoon.  

Typhoon Shelter In Mumbai

The Buzz: Typhoon Shelter is unique not just in terms of its cuisine (fisherman food from Hong Kong) but also the décor. The restaurant design creates an immersive experience of sitting in the middle of an approaching typhoon, complete with fast moving clouds and music to match. The intricate Chinese latticed façade, booths in each corner, bamboo and the bags of stone chips from quarries add to the oriental vibe. The façade is a deceptive reminder of a beautiful broken oriental ruin. Elaborate, bold and colourful, it transports you to vintage Hong Kong.

Typhoon Shelter In Mumbai

The food: The menu of this new upscale restaurant has been curated by Hong Kong based celebrity chef Christian Yang, who is an expert at the cuisine, inspired by the typhoon shelters in Hong Kong. Among the hero dishes here include Squid ink Dumplings and the Hakka Braised Pork belly. The wild mushroom Edamame dumpling with Truffles unsettle the senses and generate new sensations. The Red Braised Pork Belly Spring Rolls are tender and juicy. But if you spring for just one dish here it ought to be the Typhoon Shelter Spicy Crab. Brace yourself for a massive mud crab powered with scallions, punched up with golden garlic and tempered with a delicate taste of the sea. Yummy. Wash it down with one of the inventive cocktails. The BA (stirred up with eight lucky grapes) is a fruity delight. The vodka-based Spice Route is a great option for those who like their drinks potent.  

The desserts created by expert dessert chef Solanki Roy (ex Gaggan Bangkok) surprise and stun at the same time. Call for the Zen and you are flummoxed by the stones that land on your table. But tap them gently and you realise that some of them have a soft centre. Those are the edible stones hiding luscious caramel vanilla and hazelnut. The oriental favourite – Mango sticky rice is stuffed inside a sugar ball that resembles a well lit moon. The first thing you want to do when you order them is post the beauty on Instagram. Go for it.    

The misses: The slow cooked Nanjing Duck with quinoa and spun cucumbers had no detectable kick whatsoever. Also, avoid being seated in one of the Chinese booths. The ceiling vent blasts frigid air that makes you feel as if Siberia suddenly invaded Mumbai!


Cost: Rs 5000 for two with drinks

Where:  S-3, Second floor, Skyzone, Phoenix Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Tel: 022 3015 1817


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