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Who doesn’t like great deals on food and marvellous cocktails? Especially when it is the end of the month and you are almost broke. When it comes to socialising, we all need our millennial version of ‘Madhushalas’ where we can catch up with our buddies and chat over our favourite tipples. 
And so, we have put together our bucket list of the best inexpensive watering holes in Delhi where you can head to without it pinching your pockets.

Pocket Bar
As soon as you enter this bar you feel like you have landed straight on the sets of DevD, half expecting the waiters to break into a “Lock-n-Pop’ routine any second. The bar is famous in town for having some of the best “happy hour” deals. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The sensational vibe and lip-smacking finger food.

Have You Been To These Quarter Bars In Delhi?
Image Credits: Zingy Homes

My Bar Square 
Fan of football? This could be your second home to watch live sports screenings and cheer your favourite team with a drink in your hand and your friends by your side. What’s more? You can dance as the DJ plays the latest foot-tapping numbers to keep you entertained. The rustic wooden décor and soothing ambience further lend charm to this place. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The eclectic bar menu accompanied by an equally kick-ass grub spread.

Have You Been To These Quarter Bars In Delhi?Image Credits: TrueLocalz

Bombay Bar
If you are a Mumbaikar at heart and obsessed with Bollywood, you’ve got to dive into the filmy world of Bombay Bar and celebrate the Mumbaiya spirit. Enjoy the award-winning cocktails at Delhi’s most iconic neighbourhood at wallet-friendly prices and groove to some of Bollywood's desi hits from every decade. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The perfect amalgamation of glamorous Bollywood interiors, retro ambience and extensive culinary inspirations.

Image Credits: Justdial

Escape Terrace Bar Kitchen 
Be sure to spend an evening dancing to catchy Bollywood tracks or losing yourself in the Sufi vibe. Their outdoor seating is ideal if you are looking for a quieter setup that doesn’t require you yelling over the loud music to be heard. Whatever your choice of drink for the evening, you can order it here. 
Add to that, their interesting menu compliments the drinks and you have a winner. 
LiveInStyle Loves: The live music and karaoke nights.
Image Credits: Let Us Publish

Castle 9 
Another standard go-to place amongst ‘Dilliwaalas’, Castle 9 serves some astonishing varieties of cocktails at affordable rates. This dimly lit place offers wonderful ambience with a touch of traditional royalty. Their ‘yummylicious’ Honey Chilli Potatoes and special Chilli Chicken will keep your stomachs truly satisfied. 
LiveInStyle Loves: Separate rooms for hosting private parties.

Image Credits: Eat Treat

Have you been to any of these bars? Do  share in the comments section below.