Find out why Veda at Connaught Place is the only place you need to visit to fulfill your North Indian food cravings!

Each part of India has its own colours that reflect in its festivals, traditions, and especially food. While the south proudly masters Dosas, Idlis, Uthappams, Idiyappams, Sambar etc. , the northeast boasts of dishes like Pitha, Fish Tenga, Smoked Pork and many more. The best part is that the taste of these different Indian cuisines can't be recreated in any other part of the country. Similarly, North India too has its own cuisine and its authentic taste can't be replicated by anyone and anywhere else other than in north India itself. But even in North India there are few places that have mastered the art of cooking north Indian food to perfection. One such place happens to be in our national capital, Delhi. While Delhi is already famous for food there is one place that adds to the charm. Located in the outer circle of Connaught Place, right in the heart of Delhi, Veda is one restaurant that possesses the ability to make you forget any kind of food that you have ever tasted. You enter with previous experiences of having good food but you exit with all of those experiences washed away and only Veda on your mind. Famous for its North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, Veda has managed to gather accolades from people not just from Delhi but from those too who come from other cities. Right from the non-vegetarian menu that includes dishes like Mutton Nihari, Kadhai Murgh, Chicken Seekh etc to the vegetarian menu with a variety of delicacies such as Paneer Tikka, everything prepared by the chefs at Veda is much more than just the right mix of spices and oils.

Apart from the food, there is one more thing about Veda that deserves a mention and that is its interiors. Designed by renowned designer Rohit Bal, the interiors of this restaurant spill royalty. With crystal encrusted mirrors adorning the walls, chandeliers, elegant furniture, and perfect lighting, Veda leaves people mesmerized the moment they step in. So if a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner is on the cards then there is no other place better than Veda.

Offering everything one could ask for a great fine dining experience, Veda is nothing less than perfection.

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