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published time By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar published time 08 Jun, 2018 Share image 1 Share

Are you a serious foodie? If you answered in the affirmative, you ought to check out these eccentric restaurants that are a true treat to look at and of course incredible to dine at. Obviously they should be on your bucket list. Happy eating!

Mirchi & Mime, Mumbai

Offbeat Restaurants - Mirchi & Mime,Mumbai

This restaurant in Mumbai has been creating waves, albeit a silent one. Mirchi & Mime is run by the hearing and speech impaired. Here’s how it works: A few simple hand gestures are explained to the patrons at the onset. In the menu, the dishes have been divided under categories such as soups and salads, tawa, tandoor, sigri, etc. Each category has been assigned a particular sign and a corresponding number. To order a dish, the guest has to choose the sign of that particular section to which the dish belongs and the corresponding number, or else simply point the dish out to the waiter. Alternatively, there is also a manager at hand with whom you can communicate. This brightly lit restaurant is cheery and dazzles with an enthusiastic staff that is eager to please.

Offbeat Restaurants - Mirchi & Mime,Mumbai

Must try: Kaffir Rasam, Lobster Nihari, New Zealand Lamb chops with Thalassery peppers and Eton mess

Cost for two: Rs 1500

Getting there: G-6, Ground Floor , Transocean House, Lake Boulevard Road, Hiranandani business Park , Powai, Mumbai Tel: 022 4141 5151

Power House - The Comic Bar, Pune

Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Hulk come to life at Maharashtra’s first comic bar that celebrates superheroes. This nostalgic inducing, colourful bar with its villain prisoners wall next to the DJ console, Thor’s Hammer, Loki’s tesseract, hand painted avengers wall, and the Justice League wall unites all the famous superheroes and supervillains under the banner of booze. If you can steer clear from admiring the pillars emblazoned with comic panels and Wolverine’s knuckle blades protruding the wall, do check out the latest editions of your favourite comics and novels with fun board games while gobbling down their pocket-friendly Continental and American finger food with superhero cocktails and pitchers. Plus there are live acoustic bands, open mic nights and costume parties to be a part of.

Must Try: Tuscany mushrooms, Red eye chicken, Jack the Ripper

Cost for two: Rs 1200

Getting there: S.No-12, Budhrani Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Above Marrakesh Restaurant, NIBM Annexe, Undri, Pune. Tel: 77719864888

Garam Dharam, Delhi

If you have a Bollywood fixation (and who doesn’t), head to restaurant in CP’s already booming restaurant scene. This Dharmendra-inspired restaurant with its fun and quirky interiors is where you can drown Patiala pegs and groove to peppy Bollywood music. Expect the unexpected here as you are greeted by a bioscope at the entrance with pictures, posters and snippets from Dharmendra’s filmography. The bar covered in a metal cage is reminiscent of the old school desi thekas of Punjab. It’s difficult to keep a straight face here with funky table mats with paaji inspired doodles, coasters with funny dialogues and also the iconic Sholay bike replica in the middle of the floor. The menu holds favourites from dhabas across the country as also tikkas, kebab and biryanis. Don’t miss the chuski laced with rum or vodka and cocktails served in pauwa bottles. 

Must try: Dahi Ke Kebab, Balti Meat, Dum Gosht Biryani and Dharam Veer Kesar Kheer

Cost for two: Rs 1200

Getting there: M-16, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Tel: 9599084039, 9599084040, 011-23411928

Junkyard Café, Delhi

This luxurious cafe nestled in heart of Connaught Place marries junkyard charm with plush comfort. Decked up using junk sourced from all over India, this café is beautiful in a raw, grungy way. Clearly, junk here is funk. Worn out tyres, barrels, automobile spare parts, old radios, TVs, chipped board furniture, beer bottles and old speakers are raised to the status of lofty art installations. It’s hard to tear your eyes off when you are surrounded by servers, dressed in dungarees and hard hats and a life size World War I plane done up entirely in wood, stare at you. But when you are done with clicking selfies with the vintage bike, Mona Lisa painting and helicopter indulge in healthy guilt free bar bites and mains.

Must try: Caramelized onion on wheat pita bread, grilled steak with caper herb sauce, mushroom and thyme risotto, tandoori prawns with wasabi mayo, asparagus and parmesan cheese balls

Cost for two: Rs 1200

Getting there: N 91, 2nd Floor CP. Tel: 959994764

The Corner Courtyard, Kolkata

The heart of this restaurant lies in its unique structure - a colonial era edifice that dates back to 1904. This decade plus building still retains the character of the past era with its wooden arches, high ceilings and steel beams. Transistor radios, world clocks, antique mirrors, old teak wood cupboards, chandeliers and other knick knacks adequately represent the heritage and cultural aspects of Kolkata while steering away from the cliches. Satyajit era studio lamps and old cameras mounted on the wall add to the quirky disposition. The left over brass hardware sourced for the project found its place on the charming hardware wall here. The restaurant has three distinct areas – the café with it’s over sized glass windows, the courtyard with its open to the sky ceiling, and a small private dining area for parties and intimate get-togethers.

Must try: Poached pear salad, Tokyo style Miso fish, Seafood Ravioli, Fish Cakes with Bengal lime and the Pad Thai noodle salad

Cost for two: Rs 1500  

Getting there: 92 B Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700026, West Bengal. Tel: 9903999567

Bhaijaanz, Mumbai

No prize for guessing that this Salman Khan themed restaurant is an ode to the superstar by his fans. Not the hundreds that collect under his apartment complex every evening. But five friends - Rahul Kanal, Tabrez Shaikh, Sohail Siddique, Kursheed Khan and Zafar Sayed Yusuf who attended the same school as Salman. Everything in the restaurant is inspired by Salman. Apart from movie posters and a huge graffiti on the wall that portrays Salman as the hulk, there are chandeliers made with recycled cycle material since bhai loves bikes and blue bracelet table! 

Must try: The menu has Indian food because that's what Salman likes. But there's also Continental and Chinese. The names of the dished will crack you up. Sample this  - 'anda apna apna', 'ek garam chai ki pyali ho', 'dabang 1' which is a mutton dish and  'dabang 2' which is a chicken dish. 'Jai ho' is their vegetarian counterpart.

Cost for two: Rs 1500  

Getting there: G2, White Rose Building, Near Rizvi College, Off Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai. Tel: 098677 33737


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