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Walk into The Tanjore Tiffin Room and you’ll know why it’s suddenly become every Mumbaikar’s favourite restaurant.
Be it the peach coloured walls, the lush tree offering shade, the rustic seating or the exposed cement floors, each element in the restaurant offers a homely vibe.

And if you aren’t drawn in by the welcoming ambience around you, the food is what truly leaves a mark.

Embark On A Tamilian Food Trail At Tanjore Tiffin Room

Image Credits: @foodieinboots

The menu at The Tanjore Tiffin Room steers away completely from your regular idlis and dosas. It offers a brilliant list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters that are spot-on versions of dishes that you might actually eat in a Tamilian household. And, when it comes to the mains, the Tamarind Fish Curry and Paneer Chettinad need to be on your table. Trust us. You’ll go on, and on.

The food and ambience aren’t the only things that do the talking here. Take a look at their bar menu and you’ll be smitten by the fusion mixes. The Signature Cocktails are all sorts of experimental, pairing the usual with the offbeat to create liquid magic.

Want to know more about what lies in the ‘tiffin’? Read on.

Embark On A Tamilian Food Trail At Tanjore Tiffin Room

Flip through the menu and you’ll notice dishes named after a host of women – Sivgami’s Crab Kolumbu, Uma Athai’s Meatball Curry and Meenakshi’s Vatha Kolumbu. While Meenakshi is the owner’s mom, the rest of them are ladies who have played an important role in his life, nurturing his love for food. The Vatha Kolumbu is a typical TamBram speciality made using tangy tamarind and Madras Onions. Dip an Idiappam into it and you’ll know what comfort is. Padmini’s Mutton Cutlet is a spicy, home-style preparation served with mint green chutney. Take a bite and enjoy the burst of flavours that follows.

They say that smaller portions of food are more satisfying and the Mini Gun-Powder Idlis prove this theory right.

When it comes to the mains, the curries will surely catch your fancy. On being presented all seven of them as samplers, you might get a tad too carried away. But, don’t worry, all of them make for a great choice! Order some Tamarind Fish Curry with a side of Appams; it’s tart, with the freshest catch and the fluffy Appams rightfully add to the taste. If you’re a vegetarian, opt for Sivagami’s Jackfruit Curry. Meaty yet simple, it is a good way to mix things up.

Image Credits: @doctors_orders

To give you company on this tasteful trail are the fusion cocktails. The Thailaivaa with rum, tamarind and coconut is a heady mix which is classic and Southern. LIS recommends you to go with Captain Morgan Dark Rum to make you feel like you’re on a beach holiday.

The Garden Galatta with vodka, stays true to its name. Meaning ruckus or uproar in Tamil, it really is a riot of colors in your glass. Colourfully garnished with rose petals, orange, cucumber slices and a dash of passion fruit, LIS recommends you get yours made with Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka!

If you prefer LIITs, go with The Tamil Sunrise. A potent mixture of various liquors and juice, it impresses and how! Ask for an extra splash of Captain Morgan White Rum if you’re looking for a more beguiling mix.

To end a satisfying meal, you'll want to scoop spoonfuls of the mildly sweet Payyasam. It’s impossible to glance at their dessert section and not consider at least 3 things. Give the Mysore Pak, a try while you're at it.

There's something wonderfully comforting about The Tanjore Tiffin Room. Be it the simplified recipes or the cheerful atmosphere, everything manages to pair just perfectly right.

Come for a drink or two or maybe just for a special meal to celebrate a joyous occasion and you know you'll be coming back for more.e