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published time By Saylee published time 09 Oct, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

We all love burgers. 
Vegetarian, meaty, the ones with seafood – there’s a burger made for everyone out there.
The ones in this list are our personal favourites which we’ve managed to jot down after a LOT (yep,
we ate them all) of research. Whew.
Go through the chronicles of our burger-quest to find places that constantly
keep excelling at the burger game!

The Black Rabbit, Indiranagar

We could be saying this for the hundredth time, but The Black Rabbit truly serves some of Bengaluru’s best burgers. With thirteen burgers, unique options like sword fish filet and Portobello mushroom, their menu is stellar. The TBR Big Nasty – double patty, caramelised onions, gherkins, jalapenos, cheese and bacon - has proved to be a benchmark ever since its introduction and the Spicy Crispy Vegetable Burger (a double cheeseburger) is an absolute riot of flavours!

LiveInStyle Loves: The frizzled onions they serve with every burger along with the house fries and TBR slaw. What a treat!

Drool-Worthy Burgers For You To Try In Bengaluru Right Now!

Hoppipola, Church Street

The flamboyant Hoppipola is known to dish out the most innovative fusion eats that are in tune with its fun theme. Probably one of the best pub chains in Bangalore, it recently introduced a section called ‘bellyful burgers’ on its vast menu. Burgers that are loaded with the best stuffings, these are quite a mouthful! You better arm yourself with a napkin!

LiveInStyle Loves: The Mac & Cheese Burger, a toothsome combination of a macaroni and yellow cheddar patty with juicy jalapenos. Yum!

Drool-Worthy Burgers For You To Try In Bengaluru Right Now!

Truffles, Koramangala 5th Block

Ask any Bengalurean for a list of places to visit on your first trip to the city and you’ll find Truffles on it, for sure! A lovely and lively space known for its pocket-friendly menu, Truffles is a go-to for its good burgers. While you’ll be flooded by the choices it has to offer, pick any burger and pair it with one of their decadent cold coffees for a filling meal.

LiveInStyle Loves: The XXL Lamb Burger – you need to get this one in your belly. Pronto!

Plan B, Shanti Nagar

One of Bengaluru’s first gastropubs, Plan B is the perfect place for a weekend meal. Get the Juicy Lucy burger from their ‘Burger Bar’ and marvel at the cascading layer of melted cheese and mushroom that oozes out with every mouthful. Want more? Order some chicken wings on the side. Take a bite. Repeat. Nap.

LiveInStyle Loves: Their Chicken Wings Challenge! Devour a dozen hot Chicken wings in 4 minutes and get your photo on their ‘Wall Of Fame’.

Peppa Zzing, Infantry Road

Peppa Zzing is no new name for burger lovers in the city, but what you must try on your next visit here is the interestingly-named Chicken Monster Chilli Burger. Twice in size of your regular chicken burger, this aptly named monster is huge, crisp and juicy. Combine your order with some of their signature potato wedges and take a one-way trip to food heaven.

LiveInStyle Loves: All of the cheese-burst burgers on the menu. Greet these with an empty stomach though!

The Irish House, Whitefield

A lively pub for both gourmands and sports fanatics alike, The Irish House is the perfect neighbourhood hangout. A symbol of comfort, nostalgia and comfort, the brand is known for its friendly staff and vast menu. If it’s exposed brick walls and quirky wall art don’t draw you in, the exciting offers surely will. Go immediately!

LiveInStyle Loves: The Sloppy Pig Out with spicy pulled pork and topped with Worcestershire sauce is a good bet for when you’re on a cheat day!