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published time By Liveinstyle published time 23 Jan, 2018 Share image 3 Shares

India is a country of celebrity obsessed fans and it can be gauged from the way Indians go bonkers when they spot a celebrity, requesting for selfies and autographs. Wherever these stars go they are followed by the fans and by the paparazzi.

For such a Bollywood crazy population a place where these stars hangout is a paradise. If you are one of them then we have got all the places of Mumbai where the A listers of Bollywood head to mentioned below so that you can indulge in some star gazing.

1) Aurus

With a rooftop setting, dining at Aurus becomes even more beautiful as the setting sun casts its glow on the restaurant in the evening and the beach view pleases the eyes. You can spot top movie stars like Preity Zinta as you try the restaurant's specials like Lamb Sliders, Jumbo Grilled Prawns etc.

2) Leaping Windows


This one is for the lovers of parallel cinema. Frequented by Anurag Kashyap, Rajkumar Rao and many others, this is not just a cafe but a comic bookstore too. But as you are busy looking at these celebs don't forget to try the cafe's Bannoffee Pie and Cajun Chicken Burger. 

3) Olive Bar and Kitchen

From Ranbir Kapoor to Shah Rukh Khan, this restaurant is on every  Bollywood star's list. Not only will you be left star struck but you will crave for more of their Mediterranean, Lebanese, Italian, Continental, and European food.

4) Masala Bay

Aamir Khan is rarely spotted anywhere but who is spotted nowhere is spotted here at Masala Bay. Their Pudina Prantha and Sea Food dishes are to die for, this is the reason why he is a frequent visitor to this place.

5) Le Pain Quotidien:

From the Kapoor clan to Siddharth Mallya every famous personality is a regular at this classy restaurant. From the lip smacking and elaborate European cuisine to the interiors, everything here is top notch.

Who said restaurants and cafes are visited only for good food. Sometimes they offer more than just satisfaction to your taste buds by letting you gaze at the most successful of movie stars. If that's the kind of fun you're looking for then you know where to be on your next outing.

Image Credits:, zomato, zeat, hg2, Le Pain Quotidien