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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 20 Oct, 2017 Share image 2 Shares

Luscious rum cakes, delicious beer popsicles, Bailey’s mocha mousse bars and many more innovative cocktails  – here are a list of boozy dessert to keep you pumped for the weekend! Warning, the pictures are surely going to leave you drooling! Also, if you enjoy this piece, you will also enjoy my piece on 'Iconic Cocktails You Must Have From Around The World.'

Spiked Mocha Mousse Bars: Baileys Irish Creme is a great option when it comes to making boozy desserts – it lends itself beautifully to the cause. To make a Spiked Mocha Mousse Bar, take your Bailey’s-spiked coffee and turn it into a mousse. Then pile it on top of a ganache layer and a shortbread crust and voila! Alternately, try the Single-Serving Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake Trifles which are the perfect pick-me-up.


Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate: We all know of spiked hot chocolate (and just how great it is), but how about brightening things up with a hint of orange, courtesy of an orange liqueur – which gives a great, zesty taste.


Gin and Tonic Cupcake: This simple recipe produces spellbinding results - tonic water cupcakes, topped with extremely boozy Tanqueray Gin lime buttercream and a shot of gin and tonic. They taste as good as they look!


Whisky Ice Cream float: Here’s to giving whisky cocktails a fun, new twist – as an ice-cream float. Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky lends itself perfectly to this recipe. Top it up with a dash of chocolate.


Boozy Muffins: If you’re not so into the sweet stuff, these stout-infused muffins are the right choice for you. They are best made with Guinness Stout, obviously. You could also have them glazed up as cupcakes.


Bourbon Banana Curd: This is pure unadulterated joy in a jar! This is a comforting boozy dessert, with the taste of Bulleit Bourbon Whisky perfectly blending with the bananas. A dollop goes great in your acai bowl, granola cereal, oatmeal, a smoothie or nestled between two scoops of your favorite ice cream. The options are endless! 


Whiskey Caramel Date Bread Pudding: This special bread pudding gives a mean twist to the conventional recipe thanks to a super dark caramel sauce that’s tinged with the deep, nutty flavour of Seagram's Seven Crown American Blended Whisky.


Rum & Raisin truffles: If you love rum & raisin ice cream, this is a boozy dessert you will definitely enjoy as well. Add raisins, chocolate and a generous dose of Captain Morgan Rum for the perfect outcome. Serve warm and with ice cream. If you love Rum, a dark rum tiramisu is also a great idea.

Beer Popsicles: Beer popsicles are a fun addition to any adult party, especially in the blazing summer time. You can play with flavour combinations (strawberry basil, orange jalapeno, blueberry lime) or go for the good old natural flavour.


Vodka Strawberry Slush: This delicious drink is just what you need when you’re looking for a vodka drink that’s a little bit different. With a base of Smirnoff and raw strawberry juice, top it up with fruits and crushed ice to make the summer dessert of the year!

Pictures Courtesy: Pinterest encourages you to enjoy responsibly.