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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 30 Jul, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Dieting, healthy eating habits and dietary plans with breaking up meals into many, is something that has become a hot trend around the world, but ‘Mindful Eating’ is yet to catch up with our hasty régime that is forever craving for a healthy lifestyle.

Since the dietary plan is not general for all, modern science is coming up with specific plans for individuals. But hey wake up! Who can tell you more about your body than yourself?

So the question arises how many of us really pay attention to what we are putting in our system?

Certainly, the pictures with hashtags on social media accounts don’t count for the connect with your food. It is time that we take up living sensibly and resort to 'Mindful Eating.’

Well, it's not another mantra to size zero or to lose weight instantly, but a Zen practice that urges you to pay attention to what you are eating and be aware of how it functions in your body. That is to notice what food it is, where it fits in the evolutionary chain and how it reacts with your body when consumed.

As the Zen proverb states – When walking, walk, when eating, eat. So basically, the wise one is saying focus on what you eat.

The mere observation of food with complete awareness can do wonders for your health. Instead of eating with the distraction of television, phone calls, chatting and surfing, Mindful Eating will surely prove beneficial for those 30 minutes of entertainment sacrifice.

No matter what health problems you face, this practice will certainly take you towards vitality and you will be amazed by what you can do to yourself without getting a written eating plan from someone else for your body.

As there is no right or wrong way of eating, Mindful Practice will help you build an awareness towards your body and understand what and why are you eating a certain food.

So, read on to take the first step towards connecting with something you love the most – food.

1. Conscious eating

Don’t go planning all meals for the day before it starts. Focus on your body and notice what exactly it needs, select your breakfast and observe how it reacts with your body. Depending on your observation, decide you lunch during your lunch time and so on. If a meal gets too heavy consider skipping the one following it. There is no need to stuff your body just pay attention and it will tell you what to do next.

2. Give up unconscious triggers

Don’t dumb yourself! Television, phone and talking can wait, while you are eating. What the Zen proverb says is not something hard to decode its mere common sense ' While eating, eat' as simple as it sounds. Refrain from clubbing up anything with the act of eating.

3. Your moods are signal to the body

Like we were told as children by grandma, ‘don’t go to bed angry’. The same simple technique applies to eating as well. No matter how casually we have taken it for granted, but the beauty of creation is, the food that you eat becomes you. So be mindful of how you are consuming it, your state of mind affects immensely on how the food is processed in your system. So ask yourself again, was it ever a fun experience eating in bad mood?  Okay, you are not expected to laugh but you can be calm!

4. Down to the last detail

Every little-hidden taste and texture of the bite you take is creating many actions. While you feel the texture you also understand the mixture of tastes and your recognition process helps you segregate the difference. Your body then takes the optimum nutrition from the food you eat and process it in your best favour. Paying attention to every process and sense is important, which makes this a vital step.

5. Chew it don’t gulp it

No need to mention the childhood chewing lessons, but we don’t need to forget them either. Yes, chew your food as much as you can experiencing every bit of it will let you enjoy it. Understand liquids are to be gulped down and not solid food. So stick to the basics and chew the food to help it digest better.

6. The mind is greedy, the body is not

Liked something, over ate it and now are too full to even move around! Is that you? Well, the greed is in the mind, not in the body. By mindful eating, we mean synchronising mind and body to get the best results. If the mind is wandering it will make you eat more or less than you require. No food is specific in general terms. Experiment it one day at a time. Eat different food every day and see how your body functions. See what makes you feel light and energetic then dumb and lethargic. Eat what’s best for you then trends determining it.

So, don’t let any mantra or someone’s beliefs decide for you, because the food is not a religion. Just pay attention, be aware and decide for yourself. Eating sensibly is what Mindful Eating is all about.

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