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The black food trend became all the rage with chef’s experimenting with activated charcoal to dish out the most unique recipes. People were obviously fascinated so much so that foodies set out to grab a bite of these black dishes. And even though a fad, it became quite popular with various dishes being served across the city. In fact, some restaurants gained popularity only because they served up a slice of charcoal in their food.

From ice creams to tikkas, charcoal-infused dishes are still a rage! We’ve chalked out a list of the best charcoal-infused dishes to try in Mumbai so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

With earthy notes and a gothic appeal, activated carbon that’s made of coconut and bamboo ashes is believed to reduce bloating, aid digestion and even reduce cholesterol. Thus, these indulgences wouldn’t be all that bad after all. 

Charcoal Burger

Termed ‘The Big Bad Charcoal Burger’ this charcoal-infused burger at 212 All Day is a devious delight. With stone-grilled, handmade tenderloin double patty, balsamic onion, gherkins, cheese and their special sauce, this burger has the right combinations of nutrition, calories and flavour.

Where: 212 All Day, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla

Black Magic: Delightful Charcoal-Infused Dishes To Try In Mumbai

Charcoal Ice Cream

The popular Black Triple Threat ice cream is a dark-hued dessert with a distinct orange flavour and earthy charcoal notes. A unique dish that’s sure to grab eyeballs, this ice cream has been appreciated by foodies. In fact, if you are feeling too frisky, you can also try the carbon waffles and carbon freakshakes that are extremely popular too. Their black ice cream range is available in 8 different flavours, all as impressive as the other.

Where: Ice Kraft, multiple locations across the city

Black Magic: Delightful Charcoal-Infused Dishes To Try In Mumbai

Charcoal Lemonade

Touted as a detox drink, this juice variant contains activated charcoal and is a concoction of honey, lemon, edible charcoal, pure H2O and rock salt. Food grade charcoal is used that’s made from coconut shells and is believed to have many positive effects on the body. 

Where: Raw Pressery, available online and in select stores.

Charcoal Tikka

Goth Paneer Tikka and Goth Chicken Tikka are the highlights of the menu at Ticca Tikka. These dishes served by the skewer are grilled to perfection and taste delicious. You won’t believe it when you see it, but trust us, one bite and you’ll be floored.

Where: Ticca Tikka, Andheri