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published time By Saylee published time 10 Jul, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Do you start packing your bags for a Goa trip at the start of every summer?

Are you the only friend in your group who likes Feni?

Do you daydream about Vindaloo during work meetings?

If you answered “yes” to all four of these questions, then you’d simply love O Pedro. And today, I’ll tell you why!
Located in the concrete-and-glass corporate area of BKC, the colourful O Pedro has been dishing out new and inspired food, influenced by Goa and Portugal. A delicious melting pot of flavours – from the bakeries of Belem to the cliffs of Algarve – O Pedro is fresh, fun, and fabulously Goan.
And if you, like me, are always the one making Goa plans on Whatsapp groups, this is how you can ‘Goa’ all out at O Pedro!

Asian Mule
The Moscow Mule might have been born out of a vodka craze in the 1950s, but O Pedro’s upgraded version whisks you away with Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky. Fizzy, fruity, and delicious, it’s warm because of the ginger beer, and monsoon-apt with its dose of greens.
Aye, What Men?! Why Haven’t You Visited O Pedro Yet?
Credits – Saylee Padwal

Burrata Salad
If you find salads boring, O Pedro will make you change your mind. The Burrata Salad comes with a huge blob of Burrata sitting atop a bed of cherry and grape tomatoes, smoked corn, melon seed granola, parmesan crisps, and a robust green tomato chutney. Follow Joey’s advice and do not share this with anyone. Nom!
Aye, What Men?! Why Haven’t You Visited O Pedro Yet?
Credits – Saylee Padwal

Poee With Flavoured Butters
Goans love their Poee; yes, even more than the French who love baguettes!

When at O Pedro, there are two things you’ll see on every table – their house baked Sourdough Poee and butters. The butters come in veg and non-veg variants, namely, Bal-Chow, cheesy black pepper, whipped pork-rosemary, and my favourite – the choriz butter. Order all of them with a Poee basket and thank me later.

Credits – Saylee Padwal

Pedro’s G&T
You’ll have to make a tough decision when choosing your second cocktail for the meal but won’t regret ordering one from their vast Gin-based menu. Get a Pedro’s G&T and watch magic happen when it’s butter-fly pea infused purple changes to a blue hue with a dash of lemon juice! A true Tanqueray London Dry Gin masterpiece, this one!

Credits – Saylee Padwal

Grilled B**F With Bacon (Because bacon makes everything better)
This is one of those dishes that you should drive all the way across the city for. The steak is medium rare and juicy and the bacon bits are crispy, making it a carnivore’s delight!
The layer of boiled chickpeas it sits on are the perfect replacement for mashed potatoes. Oh, and the Chimichurri dip? Don’t shy away from asking for more.  

Credits – Saylee Padwal

Pork Ribs
Visiting O Pedro and not ordering anything with pork in it, is like not eating pasta when you visit Italy. Served with a spicy broth, the meat falls off the bone with ease and is perfectly caramelised. You’ll be going back for more.

Credits – Saylee Padwal

Pastel De Natas
Feeling full? You won’t after seeing these Portuguese custard tarts. With super flaky, melt-in-the-mouth crusts and stuffed with creamy egg, these are insanely good! Like they say, always save room for dessert.

Credits – Saylee Padwal

tl;dr? I GOAT You!
Vacation photos from Goa are nice. But, eating the impressively curated menu at O Pedro, with lightning fast service, amidst a homely setting? Even better. The first step here is ordering the Poee and butters with a Gin cocktail. The second step is ordering everything else that you could manage to fit on your table.
So, go ahead and drop your Whatsapp group a message for a Goa plan. After all, this time around, Goa is just a cab ride away!

*Drink Responsibly