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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 01 Apr, 2018 Share image 1 Share

If you love your desserts, this post is especially for you. We’ve scouted out the best boozy desserts being served in restaurants and bars across Mumbai, so you can end your meal on a delicious sweet note. From boozy gulab jamuns (with a twist) to adult hot chocolate and beer popsicles, we have you covered.

1. Gulab Nut at The Bombay Canteen
This is a popular favourite, a crowd pleaser – and it’s easy to see why. The Gulab Nut brings together donuts, gulab jamun and baba au rhum for an unusual result – a donut-shaped gulab jamun soaked in rum with a smooth filling made of pistachio cream. The dish completely does justice to the spirit of the Bombay Canteen, which is local ingredients and international concepts with a unique twist.

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Gulab Nut at The Bombay Canteen

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2. Chocolate Rum Praline at the Willingdon Club
This is something not many know about – but definitely a dessert you will always remember once you have it. The chocolate rum praline is specially made by the Willingdon Club. It is luscious, rich and delicious beyond belief. 

Chocolate Rum Praline at the Willingdon Club

3. Bailey’s Lollipop at Farzi Cafe
Another great place to try some unusual, fusion-based recipes (that are sure to surprise and delight you) is Farzi Café. A must-have dessert here is the Bailey’s Lollipop (the usually descriptive Farzi Café menu goes nothing more away about this blockbuster dessert) but it is a fusion of traditional global and Indian style, with a mixture of Baileys and condensed milk.

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4. Bailey’s Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie
The Bailey’s Mousse Cake at Leo’s Boulangerie in the bustling Lokhandwala market is the stuff that legends are made of. Known as ‘Death by Bailey’s’ on the menu, this booze mousse cake is infused with Bailey’s delicious creamy booziness with a chocolate coating to go.

5. Beer popsicle at The White Owl
After you’ve had your fill of the lovely craft beers being brewed by The White Owl, cap off your visit with their beer popsicles. Served on a bed of crumbled butter-cookies, the popsicles are made from The White Owl’s ‘Ace’ craft beer, a French Apple Cider with mild apple champagne flavours.

6. Adult hot chocolate at Theobroma
Everyone loves Theobroma – and this adult hot chocolate is sure to give you one more great reason to pile on the love. The drink is delicious and rich – plus the generous boozy dose adds a nice touch. 

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7. Beer-a-misu at Gateway Taproom
If you love tiramisu, here’s something you’ve got to try – the beer-a-misu at Gateway Taproom. Their version of the coffee-flavoured custard dessert has a beer-y twist to it and is absolutely delicious (not to mention that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted).

So go on, tuck right in - the world of deliciousness awaits!

Pic credits: The Bombay Canteen on Twitter, Gateway Taproom on Twitter, Farzi Café on Facebook, encourages you to drink responsibly