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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 30 Jul, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

With some major influences from the Nawabs and certain European influences like that of snack food, chops and cutlets, the cuisine of Bengal has a rich and distinct taste.

The uniqueness of Bong cuisine also lies in its variety and its sweet and spicy flavors, which are magnified by the panch-phoron (the famous Bengali garam masala made out of 5 distinct spices) that never fails to surprise your taste buds. The Bongs are also known for their indispensable relationship with seafood and trust us no one can make fish as well as they do.

And for those with that insatiable sweet-tooth – well, there is an endless choice of desserts that Bengali cuisine boasts of. Payesh, bhapa doi, mishti doi, rosogolla, shondesh are to name a few.

So, is your mouth watering already and you are wondering where to load your platter?

Well, worry not; here are 7 Bong food joints in Mumbai, which will help you kick-start an everlasting love affair with Bengali cuisine.

1. Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta is a popular bong joint with various outlets across Mumbai, that offers authentic Bengali delicacies. The scrumptious chingri malai curry coupled with their perfect luchis is a must try. And their desserts are simply out of this world.

Where: Andheri Lokahandwala, Tardeo and Khar​

2. Calcutta Club

Calcutta Club is one of the authentic Bengali food joints in the city that don’t burn a hole in your pocket without settling for less in the quality. Calcutta Club is a must visit for its hilsa fry, fish madhuri- combination of bhetki fillet and chicken kheema, shutki maachh and many other delicacies that their elaborate menu has to offer. Whatever you order it will sum up to the best of Kolkata’s food experience.

Where: Oshiwara – Andheri​

3. Bijoli Grill

Replete with a perfect Bong menu, Bijoli grill is sure to satiate all your Bong food cravings. Reasonably priced with no compromise on the quality, Bijoli grills offers you a delicious paisa vasool experience. Dig into the endless fish offerings here with – the boneless hilsa, whole hilsa, chital macher peti and so on. The vegans can take delight in the aloo posto, masala bhara bhendi, begun bhaja etc.

Where: Powai​

4. Bhojohori Manna

Named after renowned Bengali singer – Manna Dey, Bhojohori Manna offers a charming Bengali menu, which is ideal to start your love affair with the Bangla cuisine. To make it a real relishing experience, the menu is interestingly designed keeping in mind the seasons, weather and the festivities. Must try here are Mutton kobiraji cutlets, patishapta, chholar dal and more.

Where: Oshiwara, Powai, Chembur​

5. Peetuk

Peetuk is another Bengali eatery, which is easy on the pocket and every bit deliciously satiating. Try the traditional Bengali pulao, biryani, mutton kosha or go for a quick grub like a fish roll.

Where: Powai, Oshiwara, Kandivli and 7 Bunglows​

6. Hangla’s

Famous for its rolls, Hangla’s boasts of a great Kolkata style street food menu. With around 11 branches across Mumbai, Hangla’s is your ideal snack joint. However, don’t just restrict yourself to the rolls, the rest of the food offered here too, has a classic Bangla touch to it. There is no questioning that the take away has a fan following in the city.

Where: Powai, Lokhanwala, Chakala, Lower Parel, Bandra, Kandivli

7. Bong Adda

One more beauty to make it to the list, Bong Adda has a thick book menu explaining all combinations and methods used in Bengali cuisine. The efficient menu, makes Bong Adda, a perfect place for a newbie to try out authentic Bengali food. The décor gives you the Kolkata feel and the lovely food will ensure that you keep going back. Among the populars here are fish cutlets, egg devil, chicken (egg) roll, mughlai paratha. Definitely a heaven for Bengali food lovers.

Where: CBD Belapur, Thane

So, did your bangaliyana cravings kick in? If yes, then don’t just restrict yourself to reading this post, head straight to the nearest joint and eat to your heart’s content.

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