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6 Tips on What to Order to Eat in a Pub!

Your food & dining experience contrary to what others would have you believe, is predominately in your hands. Yes, the overall ambience, service, and of course the pricing, are all determining matters but there’s one thing right in your hands that you can make good use of for an enhanced experience. And that thing is the menu card. Today, we let you in the secret tips to maneuver your way through the menu, so you will have only the most amazing and mouth-watering dishes on your table. 

The Chef is Always Right

Have you noticed a “cap” symbol next to some dishes on the menu? Why are there only on selected items and not all? Well, this cap denotes a chef’s hat that distinguishes his/her specialities from the rest. Next time you are confused about what to order, close your eyes and pick any of these dishes. The trick here is simple. Any place has certain signature dishes that are picked by their talented chefs and it is no brainer that these are bound to be lip-smacking good. 

Image with wordings Best Chef

Make Special Decisions

Almost all good pubs have a different special for every day of the week. They could be combos, offers or one plus one deals. All regulars at these pubs know the value of these specials for the day. The next time you see a board with Today’s Special, make sure you order a few dishes from there. It is no surprise that since it has been labeled as the pub’s special, it is bound to be palatable for your tongue.

Image showing menu in a pub

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Most of the times, the new entrants to these clubs are usually shy in asking the waiters what the most appeasing item on the menu is. Well, we are here to tell you that’s farthest from the truth. On the contrary your vocal abilities give you a confident appeal and makes you stand out from the crowd. On top, waiters have a thorough idea on what is the most delicious item on the menu as they have a direct interaction with the customers. So, either ways the win is yours.

Fire the Tandoor

These days as the youth is becoming more and more aware about their physical health, the greasy and oily foods are a big no-no. Well, we are here to let you in on a healthy secret. Next time you are on a diet and would want to go healthy, order from their tandoor menu. The items on the tandoor are also usually the healthiest and on top is mouth-watering taste of chicken or paneer tikkas.

Make it the Way You Like

Another hack that will make you look like a pro when ordering out in a pub is asking it to be made exactly the way you like it to be. All of us want our dishes to be made to perfection and that involves a personal element. So, when you order next you should ask the chef to change or add the elements according to your taste.

Pair it with Cocktails

A good cocktail you look suave, hep and totally in charge. At the next weekly night out with your gang ditch the usual beers and instead, opt for a curated cocktail. This move can totally enhance your dining experience.

With these 6 secret tips that we have revealed to you, you can ace your ordering game and look confident and outshine others on your table.

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