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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

V Day. V Day. V Day.

That’s what your heart must be whispering with its every lub-dub. And why not? After all, it is the lover’s day! Whether or not you are for V Day, there is a part of you which wants to do something better than last year, all for your love. Now, it doesn’t actually matter whether you have just fallen for someone or have been head over heels in love for ages, you would, for sure want to pamper him or her with lots of love.

Here’s a list of dinner ideas, simple but romantic. And you are sure to die for these. Let us know how it goes. We are excited as much as you are!

1. Dinner after a long drive:


Never miss an opportunity of lighting up a spark of love or rekindling your romance. Go for a long drive. Listen to the car engine singing to lone country roads, let the roaring winds kiss your face and play with your hair. Steal kisses. Gaze stars at night and dine in a laid-back restaurant to conclude.

2. Dinner after a karaoke night:


Gulp some Cocktails and sing out loud to your favourite songs. Dedicate naughty songs to each other, have some fun before savouring yummilicious food. You can opt to go to karaoke night or arrange for it at home. It is all worth it.

3. A backyard dinner:

What can match home cooked food? Nothing, we bet. You might worry about it, but you won’t, after knowing the whole idea. Enjoy a candlelight dinner in a well-lit the backyard with romantic music filling up the air. You may also choose to dance to make up the mood.

4. Pizza and more:

If you think V Day is no big deal but your partners opine differently, this is perhaps a break-even solution. Take a pizza on the go and find a romantic place like a terrace, cliff or backyard. How simple but effective!

5. Everything on to-eat-list:

Now, this is crazy. And not just that, it is insane because you will probably know what might turn out to happen. We all have cravings, to eat of course! And new cuisines and eateries are all the more reasons to do so. Hop on to every food joint you wish to eat and don’t drop anything off your to-eat -list.

So now that you're all set for Valentine's Day 2018, have a great time!

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