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published time By Saylee published time 21 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

You probably skim over a lot of food posts in your Instagram feed. Over-the-top ice cream cones, fries loaded with copious amounts cheese, and of course, chocolate pizzas. But there are times when you stumble upon food that actually looks inviting on first glance.

And when you stop for a while and stare, it’s food from Delhi's Lavaash By Saby that you immediately want in your tummy. And that’s exactly why we’d like to suggest that you not skip over this place, it’s food and atmosphere will grab your attention and keep it all the way through your meal.

With its bright tiles, colourful walls and decor dominated by peacock motifs, Lavaash By Saby looks a lot like what you might expect a Middle Eastern restaurant to look like – calm and inviting.

Named after the soft, thin unleavened flatbread made in a tandoor, the restaurant offers a new  take on Armenian and Bengali food.

And just like the bread which is the only food item to make its way into UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, Lavaash will give you reasons to love it.

And today, we’ll be listing down all of them for you!

5 Reasons Why You Should Head To Lavaash By Saby

The Food

What makes Lavaash exciting is its unique brand of cuisine. It not only focuses on traditional Armenian food, but also Bengali food, getting two unlikely cuisines together. Not many of us are aware of the Armenians that settled in West Bengal years ago and ended up influencing our food and culture. The chef at the helm of it all, Sabyasachi Gorai along with Megha Kohli, traces these roots and his memories through the menu here.


The food is inspired by these flavours but uses more local ingredients to make itself more authentic. And while the selection is brief, it’s filled with the right set of items to leave a long-lasting impression. From the Tolma – vegetables or meats wrapped in leaves, to the Khorovitz and Tonir – BBQ sharing plates, everything gives you a true Armenian experience.
5 Reasons Why You Should Head To Lavaash By Saby

The Drinks

Inspired by stories from his childhood, Chef Saby has created a drinks menu that talks about tribal stories, folk lore, and wars. An ode to the places he grew up in and stories told by his father and locals that he heard; the menu speaks volumes of the Armenian culture in Bengal.

With gin playing an important role in most of the drinks, it’s paired with various interesting flavours like coconut cream, palm jaggery, and mahua flower berries to create some stunning sippers. Our favourite? The Evelyn, their version of kala khatta margarita with vodka, pomegranate, and candy floss!

The Desserts
The most delicious of all Armenian desserts are their cakes and pastries. Sharable at best due to their large servings, their main ingredients are honey, fruits, nuts, yogurt, and sesame.  While you’ll usually be served these treats after dinner in a traditional Armenian household, Lavaash serves them up with panache!

The menu includes the Gata, a baked puff pastry filled with reduced milk, berry ice cream, and cinnamon syrup and our favourite, the Honey Layered Cake with cream, honey and lots of fluffiness!

The Space

As soon as you walk in at Lavaash, you get the sense you’re in for something good. It’s housed in a picturesque restored heritage building Ambavatta One in Mehrauli and has a breath-taking view to match. With a lush neem tree sprawled above it for company, and tasteful kantha-embroidered furniture and peacock-motif tiles, it makes for a perfect dinner or date venue.

One of the few spots the city to offer a fantastic view of the Qutab Minar, its deep verandah will enchant you with its greenery. So, its not only about the food or drinks here. It’s about the feel-good factor!

The Sundowners

In case we haven’t impressed you with the ambience already, here’s another incentive. A great view pairs perfectly with a super sundowner. And Lavaash does just that every weekend with amazing offers on drinks and tasty cocktail snacks in a highly enjoyable atmosphere!
Take a break from your usual weekend routine and breathe in its vibrant interiors and even more colourful menu as you pair it with a cocktail of your choice

We surely love us some Lavaash. What about you? Head there this weekend, if you’re in Delhi!