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published time By Vanessa published time 12 Apr, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Scoop. Spread. Done.

For everyone who thought your morning piece of toast was a real piece of work, think again. With a little creativity and only three ingredients you can whip up a delicious brekkie in no time.  Here are some quick 3-ingredients recipes for your toast toppings. 

Let’s get toasting!

Greek Toast
Tomato and feta are staples of a Greek salad. Give this a spin-off with some guacamole to make this fresh topping for your toast. Scoop out some store-bought or freshly-made guac, spread it on toast, then layer it with tomato slices and some feta cheese. That’s it! Bite into this healthy morning treat. 
3-Ingredient Toppings To Spruce Up Your Slice Of Toast

Nutty Toast
Guacamole is great but so are avocados on their own. Slice some pieces on toast with blue cheese and walnuts and you have a delicious brekkie in no time. While the avocados and blue cheese make for a smooth bite, the walnuts just add the right amount of crunch to the mix. Bon Appétit!  
3-Ingredient Toppings To Spruce Up Your Slice Of Toast

Fruity Toast
Pineapple on pizza maybe debatable but place them on toast with some cream cheese and you have a totally hit topping. All you have to do is spread cream cheese on toast, layer on with some pineapple pieces and garnish with fresh cilantro. Voilà!  

Sweet & Savoury Toast
It’s mango season, which means we’ll be eating this juicy fruit for all three meals. If you’re wondering how to add it to your breakfast, give this sweet and savoury toast a shot. Spread some cream cheese on toast, add a few pieces of chopped mango pieces and some ham. You can sprinkle cilantro for garnish too. And voilà, your gourmet toast is ready! 

Honeyed Toast 
The healthiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth is to add a little honey to the mix. That’s exactly what we’ve done with this toast topping. First layer the toast with ricotta cheese, place a few slices of pear and finally drizzle some honey over it. You can also throw in a few pieces of walnuts for a crunch.  

Eggy Toast
Most people will agree that breakfast is incomplete with some protein-icious eggs. If you agree, give this healthy topping a try. First goes the cream cheese, topped off with some sautéed spinach and then the poached eggs. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and you’re ready to roll.  

You never have to skip breakfast or any other meal ever again. These toast toppings can be your go-to the next time you want to whip up a quick meal.