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published time By SW published time 09 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares
Does pineapple belong on a pizza? The pineapple pizza war rages across different countries. Guys, this is a big issue. What’s next? Apples, oranges? We need to stop putting pineapple on pizza. That’s not it. There are worst crimes committed against some foods that should really be stopped.
Here is a list of all the fusion dishes that exist but really shouldn’t.
1. Pasta Biryani
Let’s make this clear: We love pasta. We love biryani. And we like the two separately. Period. 
10 Fusion Dishes That Exist But Really Shouldn't
2. Pizza Golgappas
We understand somebody wanted to go all out unconventional with this fusion dish but why would they want to ruin a perfectly fine street food? 
Dear Lord, please give us the patience not to punch the guy who created this in the face. 
10 Fusion Dishes That Exist But Really Shouldn't
3. Dosa Waffle
Why can’t people just have either masala dosa for breakfast or waffles for breakfast? You would probably need a new waffle maker after putting all the ingredients of the dosa in your Belgian waffle iron. Well, I don’t want to have my waffle with sambar or coconut chutney. NOPE. NOT HAPPENING. 
4. Pizza Biryani
We have one question: WHY? Aren’t these two dishes good enough by itself? Who came up with this silly combination? This is simply twisted. 
5. Multigrain Samosa
Seriously why? If you wanted something healthy, just order a salad!
6. Chicken Tikka Dohkla Pizza and Dhokla Pizza with veg toppings
I mean, I love all my gujju friends but why? Just looking at this fusion dish. It makes my stomach cringe. 
7. Sushi Chaat
What happens when you love chaat but your girlfriend is craving Japanese? This disaster! This is the reason why we stick to eating maggi. 
8. Noodle Samosa
Seriously, which genius came up with this combination? We bet all so-called Instagram food bloggers want to call it #foodgasm but this is not any kind of ‘gasm’. PLEASE STOP RUINING FOOD!
9. Butter Dosa Khakhra
All Indians are my brothers and sisters and so this is weird butter dosa khakhra that is a mix between Gujarat and South India. Don’t worry, they have flavours too! You can try the Pav Bhaji and Maggi khakhra too.
10. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake
Imagine biting into this heavenly cheesecake and realising there is a gulab jamun in there that ruins your appetite? Exactly! 
There’s more of this horrendous crap that man created and Instagrammers’ hashtag. Have you heard of Cantonese Amritsari paneer or maybe Green Thai Curry Pav Bhaji? Would you try the Paneer Chole Biryani? There is also a dish called ‘kale pakora’ that exists! (We are NOT making this up)
Well, right now, my stomach has roiled up into this mess just by hearing the fusion food combos. This is why, khichdi is our all-time favourite khana. I wouldn’t try any of the dishes listed in this post. What about you? 
Image Credit: Buzzfeed & Times Of India