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published time By Liveinstyle published time 04 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Against the backdrop of a synchronized symphony, Café Dalal Street, Delhi’s first Stock Exchange Bar, rang in the New Year.  Dj Vkey and percussionist Meeta created magic through musical harmony. While Vkey churned out popular commercials, Meeta played the percussion in incandescent accord. As the crowd set in, the evening, riding high on zest, turned into a shindig to remember for life. 

The evening at CDS was quite sought after for reasons more than one :

Artistic Evening

The highlight for the evening was the captivating performance by the accomplished duo – percussionist Meeta and Dj Vkey. The night promised incessant high-octane musical zing with the jugalbandi.

New Year Party at Cafe Dalal Street

The Incandescent Vibe

Café Dalal street has an addictive vibe that is unique and quirky. The Quirky ambience lets you take a back seat and enjoy a hearty meal with your friends. The wall-art engulfs you straight away. The lights have been kept muted so it doesn't overpower your tete-e-tete. The space overall has a grungy vibe with a big Bull face installation on the walls. The led tickers and TV screens all across make the space very interactive and buzzy thereby enriching the experience of being in a real stock market.

New Year Party Scenes from Cafe Dalal Street

Tipple and Scrumptious Spread

The package offered had an unlimited supply of drinks and scrumptious food. The place boasts of an impressive bar menu with an elaborate display of innovative cocktails. One of the strongest reasons that drew people to party at this nightclub – the drinks were premium and only the best was reserved for the night. The food was comfort food, easy to grab and savour while dancing to the vivacious vibe.

The Coveted Location

Locate centrally at the coveted Connaught Place, this Café draws a lot of attention and footfall. It's easy to locate on the outer circle and the quirky sign board with a strategic bull makes it excitingly enticing.

This Article has been Written by Saumya Chandel encourages you to Party Responsibly!