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published time By Liveinstyle published time 16 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Christmas is here and so are the celebrations. Take a look at your city and you would know how the festive mood has gripped all. Park Street, they say, is the place where celebrations find a new dimension. To keep up with the mood, we at The Park have planned a gala evening of celebration on the Christmas Eve. This time, we will infuse a bit of reggae and take the mood one notch higher. Take a quick look at what we have planned for the night:

Reggae Rajah:

India's first reggae sound system will be in charge of setting your mood right. If you have tuned into reggae ever, you should know how magical it can be. There's a strange addiction in reggae beats, and this night it will intoxicate you.

Christmas Party with Reggae


It’s the Ciroc Event:

You know what happens when the world's finest vodka makers get involved? You get to experience the finest moments with some brilliant cocktails and shots. Again, this night will be no exception.

Ciroc Event


Best Party Place of Kolkata:

If it's Christmas and you are not in The Park Hotel of Park Street, then my friend you have missed it all. 


The Best Party Experience:

Roxy is undoubtedly one place where this city wants to be once the night falls. And with events like this, the call of this place is even more alluring. Drop by to experience the sheer fun.


Sounds exciting, doesn't it? So all you need to do now is pick up your phone and call our reservation desk. But remember, good things don't last for long. promotes responsible drinking. So, indulge in this party season, but love yourself more than anything else.

Call now +919883351887 for more details!