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published time By Liveinstyle published time 20 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Do you know that in India, we have more than 20 variations of biriyani available? Each are unique in their style of preparation and each has distinct flavours. Now if you are a genuine lover of biriyani, you must try all of these and then take a call on which you wish to call your favourite. But considering the busy life that you lead, it may not always be feasible to travel to all these places and taste this heavenly dish.

So, what we at Bombay Brasserie have planned is an exclusive biriyani festival for you, where you can come and gorge on your choice of the dish…and then pick your favourite.

Bombay Brasserie

That’s not all, we have also planned some brilliant cocktails with desi touch, to accompany you on this biriyaniful journey. Take a quick look:

  • Think beyond Kolkata and Lucknow: Biriyani lovers in the city would put everything on bet to prove that this city serves the best biriyani, closely followed by Lucknow. Hyderabad is comfortably in the third place. This event will open your taste buds to the kitchens of Bombay, Delhi, and Amritsar as well

Biriyani Festivat at Bombay Brasserie

  • Unheard Variants: Have you tried the Hyderabadi Alu Kheema biriyani or the Delhiwaala Achari Chicken biriyani ever? If you’ve, not much to say…but if you haven’t, this is the opportunity
  • Delectable Veg Biriyanis: Well, we have something for the vegans as well. Try the Amritsari Punjabi Paneer Biriyani or the Mushroom and Makai biriyani…else, go for the bharwan dum aloo biriyani with Kashmiri spices. You’d love them all

  • Desi Cocktails: Go for the Masala mar ke cocktail or the Vodka Shikanji, and if you order these along with biriyani, we have an attractive discounted price for you
  • Perfect Venue:  Since we started operations, we have slowly become the blue-eyed boy (or girl) of the connoisseurs of this city. Here, we party in elegance

So, don’t ponder much. Pick up your phone, dial our number +91 8100684790 and reserve a table for you. See you there, dear gastronomes!

To throw an amazing party at home, plan one by visiting our Home Party page.