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Most men tend to stick to the tried and tested when it comes to jewellery; a nice watch, a wedding band or class ring and maybe a small chain with a religious or other symbolic pendant.

However, at we think there are other pieces of jewellery that men can wear and look super fashionable at the same time. It is all about choosing the right piece of jewellery and wearing it appropriately.

Here are some of our picks for men’s jewellery that work and even better, are on-trend right now.

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A statement pin can be a tie or lapel pin, naturally, attached to your tie or jacket lapel.

However, the current trend to wear a statement pin is to do so in a similar way women wear brooches, pinned to your suit, knit or shirt around the same area you’d have a breast pocket. The trick here is to make sure your chosen pin is not too big and that it doesn’t look like some sort of military medal.

You can also use a statement pin instead of a tie or bow tie when wearing an evening suit. This can look super elegant when used with a stock – this is similar to a scarf and is tied around the neck with a fold at the front, which is where you stick your statement pin to hold it all together.

To save you from looking like you just stepped out of a period drama or have turned up to perform magic tricks, stick to a pin that’s not too over the top. A modern shape like stars for example can keep it from looking too theatrical.




To wear a neck accessory well, stick to fairly minimalist styles. A leather cord with an interesting, sculptural pendant or a fine chain with a small stone can look great with a plain tee or knit.

Try to keep the piece to the upper half of the chest, any longer and you will look like a reject from the 1970s.

If you’re wearing metal, stay away from yellow gold. Unfortunately, it will emphasize the whole ’70s vibe, go for silver and platinum – but not too shiny. Try a more tarnished or softer finish for a vintage vibe.




















Another current catwalk trend for men’s accessories and jewellery is the bracelet. While some brands went all out with massive geometrical bangles, for a more wearable look go for smaller bracelets in natural materials like leather and cord.

Stay away from too much “bling”. You can wear a few woven bracelets on one wrist – pile them around your watch for a casual feel. You can add various colours or materials for interest, but make sure you don’t let them rot on your wrist; like your watch take these off in the shower.

Slim-line leather cuffs with metal hardware are also on-trend, but again not too wide or you’ll look like you’re trying out for a strongman gig. Stick to major brands like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Celine and Lanvin to really up your style quotient.






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Lai Si is an editor of a top Singapore fashion website. When not writing attending the Milan or Tokyo fashion week, she can be found in Orchard Road looking at the latest Givenchy or Burberry Prorsum.You can find her on twitter @orientoccident



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