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Whoever said men have less scope for fashion than women has been oblivious to the key Fashion factor for men - accessories. Interesting watches, funky shoes, smart sunglasses - there's so much that, as a man, you can experiment with and strut away picking the 'Stylish Person of the Year' award with a Fossil caressing your wrist.

One of the other less mentioned but an obvious fashion accessory is the tie. As the party season is coming up and your friends are trying to help you find a date, let your tie be the icebreaker for you and the future lady on your arm. A tie will add the missing oomph to your otherwise simple attire. This article will guide you through the must-have ties that will make you the talk of the party and help you make your mark on the popular map.

1. Skull Ties

Gone are the days when skull meant scary. The 21st century synonym for 'it is funky'. For the day when all your clothes will be in the laundry and you will only have a white shirt as your disposal, the skull tie will come to your rescue.

Remember: Choose ties that have smaller skull design and are spaced out. Bigger prints can spoil the look.

2. Solid Colour Ties

If experimenting is not exactly your area of comfort, sticking to what you know will serve best. Solid colour ties are the safest bet. Pair your shirt with a contrasting solid coloured tie and you will win the smiles of all young ladies in the house. A gracefully dressed man is always appreciated.

Remember: You can also wear a tie that's the same colour as your shirt so long as it's not either black or white. If you do so, don't forget to add a classy tiepin to it!

3. The Rainbow Tie

While others are sticking to the generic black ties and solid colour outfits, you can go to a party wearing this tie and add the missing colour to the party. Don't be surprised if beautiful women come up to you and start a conversation with, 'Nice tie'.

Remember: If you have pants matching one of the colours in the tie, like the blue, red or green, wear it. Paired with a white shirt and canvas shoes, your look will be complete.

4. Elegant Patterns

The local, ethnic design is picking up pace in the West and has found a home in ties. An otherwise plain look can be given the necessary x-factor with ties that have elegant Indian designs. Wear them to a party and thank us when the compliments start showering upon you.

Remember: Just like Skull Ties, don't let there be a design overdose; wear prints that are clear to see and have, and are well spaced out.

5. Barney Stinson's Ducks

The Big Bro of all Bros, the Messiah that helps you win dates introduced the world to this tie. Although the show showed him unable of scoring dates, following his lead just might help you. The popularity of it has made the yellow rubber ducks famous among women.

Remember: Wear it just like Barney did - with a gray, slim-fit suit. The lightness of gray and the striking blue and yellow of the tie will make a funny yet elegant combination.

6. Bowties with Chains

When it comes to parties, a little bling is always welcome. Keyword here is 'little'. Wear your studded or chained bowties with pride. This one is worn best without a blazer. Women are very attracted to a guy who can pull his outfit off and wearing this tie will win you brownie points.

Remember: Wear it with a shirt that has a narrow collar and a sober colour so that your tie stands out. Do it right with a collar that rests at the nape of your neck and doesn't look like it's strangling you.

Get together your attire, #MixItInStyle with these ties and become the star of the party!

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