The Art Of Accessorizing For Men

Most men associate style with clean and sharp dressing,hence shy away from accessorizing. Accessories do not necessarily have to be all bling. Your creative charm lies in the fact that you can use them to embellish your entire look and remain inconspicuous at the same time.

Here is a list of few simple elements that can be incorporated into your daily style.

Suspenders: The classic piece of elastic has been around for centuries now. This only means it is a timeless gem and should be treated as a must have in your wardrobe. Wear it with your formal attire on a working day or wear it with jeans and tee to get the playful casual look. Pick them up in neutral colors, as this would give you tons of styling variations but always remember not to team them with belts.


Sunglasses: The importance of a good pair cannot be stressed enough. Pick out the right pair for your face and see how it can completely transform your look. A pair of aviators and wayfarers will be a good buy to start your collection. If you are looking to expand and experiment, then buy the round framed glasses made so famous by John Lennon or explore Tom Ford for some really interesting off beat ones.

Vest: Invest in a good pair of semi-formal vest; it can make you look super smart. Team them with formal shorts, jeans or underneath your 3 piece suite to create a striking impression.

Fedora: Agreed, all you guys own a baseball cap. However it’s time you moved on and tried something else in this department. Treat yourself with a nice Fedora in checks, plaids or simply a plain one. If the musician or the spy look is what you are trying to achieve then this would be the perfect add on.

Watch and Belts: A good sleek watch is a must. Watches are one of the most noticeable pieces in any ensemble. You obviously don’t want to put yourself in a hide your hand situation when someone asks you for the time. Plus a good watch can also be a great conversation starter.

Belts are the most inexpensive way of accessorizing your look.There super power is they can subtly alter the contours of your waist and hips to look larger or smaller. A pair of good black and dark brown belt is an absolute must. Wear them as low as possible to create an elongated torso impression. Plus it always keeps your pants in place.

Once you have all of the above, remember to play with them. Wear a couple of elements at a time mix and match to create a whole new persona. The end result will certainly be a pleasant surprise. Then of course carry your sense of humor to score some extra brownie points.

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Article By: Smrithi Rao

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