Stock Up On Seven Summer Essentials

If where you are, is torturously sunny as any tropical region would be in summer then immediately shed everything synthetic and listen to what we have to say. While you are wiping you’re sweaty skin there is no need for you to be a drab but be a dapper. How? Treat the following as essential style investments and the tips as you’re dapper guide to summer.

Sunscreen: Sonnets have been sung about these slather on, yet a lot of us forget to hum in its tune. Doses of Vitamin D are good, but let us not take chances with those harmful UV rays. Make sure you have applied generous amounts of sunscreen on the exposed areas at least 20 minutes before heading out. It takes that much time to settle in and start acting. SPF factor 25 + is a good choice.

Cotton World: Ditch all your synthetic fabric clothes or stack them in your winter closets because spring summer is not accommodating it. This season natural fabrics like cotton and all its variants, silk and ramie are big. It lets your body breathe therefore you are less suffocated by the heat. Meaning you are more comfortable in what you are wearing and this shows. This directly manifests to a more confident you.

Layers: If layering is your forte don’t be disappointed and certainly don’t let the steady barrage of the suns heated rays tell you otherwise. While layering, remember the key is to use lighter fabrics. Replace heavy coats with spring jackets, chunky scarves with pocket squares, heavy leather shoes with converse, moccasins and loafers or even open sandals and top it all with a hat or cap.

Prints and colours: Summer is incomplete without colours and prints complement colors as they were meant to be. Bright colors like wine, olive green, crimson and tangerine are just as in as pastel colors like cream, blue, pink and tan. Plaids and stripes have been around for a while but the influx of prints like hybrid, geometric, floral and kitsch are the ones that should get you excited.

Staples: White jeans, cotton round neck and v neck T-shirts in solid colors, slacks, nautical shoes and a good pair of handkerchief are your summer staples. A couple of these in different styles are actually all you need to cruise by this summer in style. These are building blocks, upon which directional styles can be constructed.

Frames: Wayfarers and Aviators are the Learjet of sunglasses. Many other styles will come and go but these will always be in fashion. When in doubt simply pull out your classic pair and wear them with much élan. Do stack up other styles as well, but these you cannot miss.

Watch your watch: We added some colors to your closet now let us paint you accessories too. Men and their love for watches is an epidemic. So we won’t suggest you change your watch but we are suggesting that you tweak it a bit. Replace the brown, blue and black straps with something more summer appropriate. Like nautical stripes, pastel colors or with self prints on them. It is indeed the fastest way to add a smart finishing touch to your look.

Article by - Smrithi Rao

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