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published time By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar published time 20 Jun, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

We all love some nice refreshing rain. But don't let your style look as dreary as the sky. Here’s how to stay dry without sacrificing style this monsoon.

Even if the weather is at torrential monsoon levels, you don’t have to let it ruin your style. You can actually add some sartorial sunshine to your overcast day with some stylish rainwear. 


Invest in a good raincoat

It’s true that a functional raincoat makes all the difference between a totally miserable commute to work and one that's not so bad. No, we are not talking about that ill-fitting coat that resembled shiny trash bags your mom made you wear when you were six. We are talking of stylish raincoats in bright colours, bold prints or the classic trench.

Stay Fashionable When The Skies Open Up

Trendy raincoats are definitely changing the scene. These are so cool, sophisticated and beautiful that you’d wear them even if there weren’t a single cloud in the sky. Like the transparent raincoats that are having a moment right now. The clear raincoat with striped piping from Fancy Pants makes a really good overlay for any outfit. It works for both dress-up-for-work days and dress-up-for-brunch afternoons. It’s also got a substantial hood to make umbrellas unnecessary.

Stay Fashionable When The Skies Open Up

Not a fan of clear raincoats? Jazz up your outfit with neon raincoats, balloon style raincoats and even pop-coloured rain ponchos by Sonya Vajifdar. Some are even jazzed up with sequins and beads. With exaggerated sleeves, bubble hems and stylish cuts, these rain coats could easily pass off as dresses. There is even a line for your canines!


A cheeky print will brighten any gray day. Choose a traffic-stopping highlighter pink to add extra warmth to your miserably rainy commute. Opt for a longer hemline which will provide the extra coverage you need on rainy days.


Umbrella unlimited

Umbrellas fall into the same category as sunglasses and keys: They are all notorious for getting lost. That's the reason most people settle for a not-so-great piece of nylon with a cheap plastic handle since they are not expecting it to be around for the long haul. But what if you owned an umbrella that not just packed style and function into one but also made you look forward to the downpour? Like the eccentric umbrellas from Bosky Doshi. The fancy prints range from cinemascope to nautical and peacocks. Available on Brave the heaviest of showers with the stylish and sturdy range of umbrellas from Landmark. There’s Barbie Doll for little girls, Avenger for all the Marvel lovers, ethnic prints for noblewoman to checkered prints for men. Pick the one that calls out to you and get monsoon ready in style.


Footsy fun

While the traditional, knee-high rain boots can do the trick when puddle jumping or wading into a pothole, wearing four kg of rubber on your feet isn’t strictly necessary when you are just hoping to get to and from work without soggy socks. The cute Drew Barrymore collection from Crocs are easy to slip into your bag to have on hand in case of a sudden downpour. The range created in collaboration with actor Drew Barrymore and her two daughters, Olive and Frankie includes clogs, flips, sandals and slides with cute graphics and embellishments. For those channeling a sportier look can opt for flip-flops, jelly bellies, sandals and slip-ons from Metro shoes. 

The synthetic ballerinas from Tresmode can give you a comfortable and trendy look for this upcoming monsoon. They are ideal for days when there’s a small chance of rain and you don’t want to get caught unprepared. Available in muted tones such as black, grey, beige and nude these are flexible and easy to clean.

When the clouds part and the sun rolls around, strip off the jacket, grab your sunnies and tote, and head straight back to the limelight.

Tips to follow: 

Go for the braid

Naturally wavy hair will turn into a frizzy mess when it rains. Put your hair in braids. It's a super cool style, and it doesn't matter if it gets wet - it will still look good.

For the ladies: Keep it simple

Skip the foundation and use a lightweight concealer to hide away spots. A tinted moisturiser works better in this weather. Keep your eye make-up neutral with just a line of waterproof eyeliner or kohl. Finally avoid wearing lip-gloss when it’s windy out or you’ll end up with pieces of hair stuck to your lips all day long. Stick to your favourite shades in matte and long-stay finishes.

Invest in Anti-Frizz Hair Products

For most people, rain equals instant frizz. If you don't already always use an anti-frizz product, you definitely should on a rainy day.


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Image courtesy: From the outlets, Shutterstock