Spring Summer Colour Trends For Men

Spring-Summer collections are incomplete without colours. This is irrespective of whether it is for men or for women. Colours are a must as they vociferously symbolise the arrival of spring. Runways around the world have already picked their favourite colours. As a summary, following is the trend report this season.

Neutral Tones: The fashion cognoscenti have spoken in favour of the colours that fall in the neutral zone. Labels like Margret Howells, Rag & Bone and Burberry unpacked their bags on the runways with clothes made in blacks, browns, greys and ivory. These colours have actually never left the runways for a long time now. They are safe options for every time you are in a colour fix. Outfit combinations, put together with these colours always create a harmonizing effect. Invest in Khaki pants, Ivory colour wind jackets, black shirts and brown shoes. These are the basics of a closet in any given season.

Royal Blue: Are you a blues fan? Well who isn't, after all it is the deepest shade of blue and is the royalty amongst colours. Burberry, Pitti Uomo and Roberto Cavalli, showed us multiple ways in which this trend setter can be worn. For a business meeting, on a holiday, while partying or on casual Friday's this colour always fits in well. A royal blue suit is a must in any man's wardrobe, along with a semi casual jacket in the same colour. A pair of royal blue trousers worn with a white shirt, works likes a charm every time. Also, investing in skinny ties and bow ties dyed in this colour is a good idea.

Pastels: Brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani have been embracing them for a while now. Originally pastels meant cream and light blues. But, a whole array of colours like, pistachio green, light olives, tangerine, baby pink and lighter shades of crimson have been added to the menswear racks. Wear self prints in these colours or mix plain pastels with other bold prints to make an impression. Layer two different shades of pastels that fall within the same spectrum. Pastels give you a lot of room to play with so invest in some this season to broaden the horizons of your wardrobe.

Dark Tones: Burberry has always been pledging its solidarity to dark tones. It was about time colours like red, military green, maroon and tan took a strong stance. They may have spilt over from the women's section. But, this was due, as they can be powerful colours when worn well. Suites in dark shades make for power dressing in business. Clothes in darker shades specially ones with prints and patterns on them can be used to dress up for an important occasion or while dressing down for a more casual setting. This might not be an immediate choice with most men as it pushes them to be experimental. But, it is only a matter of stepping out of the comfort zone as they can set you in a different league at any social gathering. Start with printed shirts in darker hues and slowly foray into other accoutrement.

Picture Credit - stylesight.com, fiskertalk.com, atelierblog.com, thenextfashion.tumblr.com, the-suit-man.tumblr.com, colorsolutionsinternational.com

Article by - Smrithi Rao

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